Thursday, 30 August 2012

Vintage vehicles and vide-greniers

The day after we arrived on holiday, Miss U-t-B and I nipped into town for some groceries and happened upon a mini, vintage car rally. That's mini as in not a vast number of cars, as opposed to a rally full of small cars.  

Not just any vintage cars, but mostly my favourite, Citroen Traction Avants.

There were also some sweet 2CVs.  I wouldn't say no to one of these to buzz around in!

Actually the mini bit was true in the other way too as there was also a bunch of children's cars, somewhat spoilt for us by the scary doll passengers! Rather creepy, this pair were...

This little outing was a perfect vintage warm-up for the next day which saw us up bright and early for the first of what turned out to be four vide-greniers we managed to squeeze into the holiday.  

At the first, in Chamberet, there was plenty to look at,  but with Mr U-t-B's pleading 'nothing big', I kept myself in check!

He was tempted by these...

...but only bought a door knocker and a big cast iron pan, whilst I only bought a tin of talc!

It still has the talc in it, but I think I'll pass on that!

The very next day saw us head off to Bugeat, past this stunning viewpoint...

The Bugeat vide-grenier was fab, and I came away with a pair of vintage skis, some red gingham napkins and a gorgeous wire bottle or glass carrier - all of which I failed to photograph! When I can dig them out I will try to remember to do so.

By the following Tuesday, in Treignac, I thought I might be all vide-greniered out.  But there was plenty to look at - though it does have to be said that there are increasing amounts of plastic toy tat and discarded clothing to look past these days at most v-gs.  

It was a super-hot day, so I was glad we were there early, even if that did mean that things were just being set up.  In Treignac, the vide-grenier winds up and down the narrow medieval streets from the old market place up to  top of the town and the square outside our friend's lovely hotel.

Chambres d'hotes 'Art de Vivre'

More hours than I'd care to mention were whiled away amongst these stalls.  In the end I came away with two boxes of children's puzzle blocks, a couple of tins, an embroidered sheet and contrasting pillowcases, a pretty pillbox and four small bowls.

The haul - quite restrained, I think!

The first set of puzzle blocks are very much homemade, and I just love the muddle of fragmentary images...

The second box turned out to be a tad disappointing.

It has helpful sheets showing each of the pictures, and the correct number of blocks...

But once you try to make up the picture, seven of the blocks are duplicates, leaving seven holes in the finished picture.  Oooooh!

Never mind, with the wonders of a scanner and printer, plus a bit of cutting and pasting, I hope I can sort it out.

The last of the four treasure hunts was in Seilhac.  I had not been to this one before and it was HUGE.  But I was definitely not in the right mood that day for such a large hunting ground (it was a very close, sticky day, and my sunglasses had given me a headache!) so I came away all but empty handed, having bought only a bashed-about-but-still-sweet little tin...

...just because it would a shame to leave without having bought a thing!

Monday, 27 August 2012


No more hot, lazy days beside our friends' lake.

No more light-pollution free nights, waiting with bated breath for stars to go shooting by.

No more scurrying round vide-greniers for the best and prettiest bargains.

No more nights so peaceful that the only noise you hear are the owls hooting and the occasional braying of the love-lorn donkey next door.

No more hiding the eggs from the marauding marten, and fruit from the loir (edible dormouse).

Mugshots courtesy of Google images - our culprits are still at large!
The scene of the crime - there should be 4 eggs here...

No more bats scaring the living daylights out of Miss U-t-B.

(NB: A bat did not write this message.  Miss U-t-B did after a rather fraught first night, during which I had consoled her with the 'peace' of the countryside.)

No more rounds of the 'Build a Bed' competition, in which you get presented with an assortment of bed parts and can sleep in any bed you manage to create from the bits.

We had a truly fabulous holiday, even if it was on a building site!  In fact we enjoyed it so much, we arrived back and have turned this house into a building site too...

I have been away from blogging (and computers in general) so long I have almost forgotten what to do.  Looking forward to catching up with some blog reading very soon!