About Me

I am a part-time teacher (teaching French to junior school children) and mum to one delightful sixteen year old daughter. I am lucky enough to be married to a very understanding husband who allows me to fill the house with all manner of vintage and stitchy items. 

I love to sew, especially if it involves vintage or reclaimed textiles.  I enjoy dressmaking, especially making small items for the younger members of the family - my husband's granddaughter and great-niece.  I love embroidery, especially of the 'doodling' kind.  When money allows I enjoy trawling ebay, car boots and French 'vide-greniers' for characterful items with which to decorate the house and things to use in my crafting.  I also love to bake and quite enjoy trying out new recipes for everyday, when not too busy!  

In this blog, I will mostly be recording what I have been making, maybe with a bit of how I have created it, along with sources of inspiration and supplies.