Sunday, 3 February 2013

I went to market and bought...

...A DOG!

The cutest little bundle of cream and brown,  
button-y-bright-eyed wagginess 
you ever laid eyes on!

His name is Harold, 
named for the wonderful Harold Fry 
in this memorable book which I just finished...

(If you haven't read it, I would recommend you do, most highly.  
But be prepared to weep!

Even at inopportune moments when you are not even reading the book, but out in public and remembering a little bit of it.

'Mascara in the eye!' you will have to say to excuse yourself.

It will make you laugh too, though.

Best not do that out in public with no visible explanation.  People don't know what to do with people who chuckle away to themselves in the aisles of Sainsbury's...)

Back to my dog, though!

He's only small and I don't think his coat is enough to set off Mr U-t-B's allergies, when he comes back from his little jaunt through France.  (He's on a little break with his brother-in-law and sister.)

He's not a yappy sort of dog either, so I think his arrival in the household is unlikely to cause ructions.

In fact, Harold seems perfectly content to just sit
 (in his own very upright way) 
 and be...

All say AHHHH!

PS I will find out the name of the very talented lady who needlefelts these adorable canines - I bought him as the packing up was being done and all her leaflets had been packed away!


  1. AHHHH!! He's lovely! Very cute. Must read that book - sounds good!

  2. Mr Whizz Kid is desperate for a dog - this one would suit me fine - he looks small and quiet (and no poo to collect)! Even the cat, Cookie, could not object to it. Cute. x

  3. I love the dog.... and found the book to be first, and again at the end....I got a little annoyed by its' farce elements at one stage, but allowed myself to go with the flow, and it won me over again. J.

  4. I always admire anyone who can needle felt like this. I have tried it and its very fiddly and not as easy as it looks. I pretty much gave up in the end and that's not like me.
    Your little dog is really cute.

  5. Hello just found your blog on a side bar of another! Please don't forget to find out who made the dog - I have to have one!! I shall try the book as well when the charity shop yields it!

  6. AHHHH! :) So adorable, I love it!