Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dumpy Red Riding Hood

Remember this from the day before yesterday?

Here are my updated versions...

The perfect place to keep your needles and pins to hand!

These, as well as some of my more usual Red Riding Hoods...

...will be coming with me on Saturday to Farnham Maltings Market! 

I hope people will be able to get there - Mr U-t-B and I had the misfortune to have to drive through bits of Surrey today (it was an essential journey as my poor brother fell over and broke his leg this morning, so we were taking him home from hospital!) and the roads were terrible!  Cross into Hampshire and within yards, the roads change from hard packed snow and ice, to slush. Hmmmm.......Freak weather conditions that obey county boundaries or lack of gritters in Surrey?  I wonder....

Keep safe in these pretty but hazardous conditions!


  1. You kindly visited my blog and I am returning the favour. I'm so pleased I did your work is lovely. I have never seen anything like these red riding hood needlecases. I look forward to visiting again.

  2. Found your blog through Fading Grace isn't it strange how this bloggy world works - I found the original pattern for the needlecase you acquired last week on a local second hand market. Haven't made one yet as I am hexing like crazy at the moment. Pop over and have a peek - if you wish. Debs X