Sunday, 26 December 2010

That was the week when...

...we actually got the Christmas cards in the post on time, thanks to being pretty much snowed in and huddled round the woodburner last Sunday.  Anyone who knows us will know that this is nothing less than a miracle.  Next year we'll strive to get the international ones in the post on time too!

... I got all my Christmas shopping done in about 3 hours flat. 

 ...I spent nearly a whole morning peeling clementines for Christmas pressies of 'Clementines in Grand Marnier'.  They looked so lovely in the recipe I couldn't resist - just didn't realise it would take me almost the whole of The Ken Bruce Show to do it! 'Pears in Mulled Wine' next year perhaps?

...I wrote a 'Happy Christmas' post that I forgot to actually post.  The wishes were there - hope it was a truly happy and joyful time for everyone!

...Mr U-t-B spent Christmas Day in bed with a very sore back having twisted awkwardly getting some skis out of the car, thereby missing a lovely lunch at my parents house.

...the Christmas lunch hit for 2010 was the sprouts!  Stir-fried with bacon and pine nuts, and a dash of cream.  Seriously yummy!  This is the nearest thing I've found to the recipe my Mum used.

...we went to France on Boxing Day, but were back in sunny Hampshire for lunch.  It's a rather long and embarrassing story.  Maybe I'll tell it one day.

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