Monday, 19 December 2011

Mood Enhancers

With Mr U-t-B away, Miss U-t-B and I are trying to get in the mood.

We've been playing the mix CDs she made last year of all my favourite Christmas songs.

There's a bit of this...

...and a bit of this (have to have the HMS Ocean version)...

...and then there has to be this, which makes me happy and sad in equal measures...

Christmas-mood film watching has been planned.  First up was...

{Watched the night before last, as I stayed up late-ish to pick Miss U-t-B up from her dance school Christmas party.  Much smiley dabbing of eyes.}

Next in line is...

Because the pics don't always appear this should show 'The Holiday ' with Cameron, Kate, Jack and Jude 

{We planned to watch it last night but then got 'sold' 'Just Henry' by an ITV trailer.  We wished we'd gone with our earlier plan...}

To be followed by this...

{To watch alone, when Miss U-t-B goes for a sleepover with her best friends.  Might have to follow-up with the completely un-festive...

And because this is another of the pics doing a disappearing act, this is 'Pride and Prejudice' with Matthew and Keira., though that does feel a little like being unfaithful to the true Mr Darcy (ie Colin) as not to overdose on the mood.}

And then the build-up will be complete and I will wallow in this...

{Please note - NOT this for me...

I think this is a step too far.  
It's a Wonderful Life is meant to be enjoyed in 
black and white.}

As for preparations, well, I did learn to make a hot toddy (last night - not this morning!) and I managed to line several cake tins, but have now run out of steam.

 It'll happen.


  1. That post really gave me the feel-good-factor! I couldn't see what a couple of the films were (just a couple of ?'s where the pictures should be), but I really enjoyed the music. I LOVE Bridget Jones's Diary. I must dig out and watch my Love Actually dvd, that's got 'All I want For Christmas' on as well (and Hugh Grant/Colin Firth/Alan Rickman, what more could a girl want??!!).

    Grant and I were only saying yesterday that neither of us has ever seen 'It's a Wonderful Life' - we saw the colour version in the shop yesterday . We'll look out for the B&W version, on your recommendation :o)


  2. Lovely old films and songs are always a favourite at christmas,I love the Holiday and loads of others.LOve Jill xx

  3. Oh Alix...I was lyrical about B&W! I think it is more colorful than any color film, if you know what I mean. Old films are a great way to get the spirit of Chirstmas. I do however absolutely love Rose Cottage and the idea of having Christmas in it so watch The Holiday too. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~