Friday, 2 December 2011

Sewing Nemesis

I think it has been firmly established on this blog that I'm rather keen on sewing and creating things from fabric and other bits and pieces I may find lying around.  

I have even extolled the virtues of buckram in the past, but I am now sorry to say that buckram has been part of the least satisfying sewing 'project' I have ever had the misfortune to be involved in, a project which has also kept me away from my blog (well, along with other things) for the last couple of days.

Whilst completing this item, I have felt like I was back in school, just learning to sew and failing miserably.  There have been tears (not mine, but Miss U-t-B's for whom the thing was being made - I think she felt guilty that I was having to do it!), unpicking and hurlings across the room, blood (mine - still faintly visible on the finished article...) and there are now a set of fingers that look like they have been used as pincushions!

But worst of all is the sneaking suspicion I have that when Miss U-t-B's dance teacher sees the made-to-measure headdress base I have made,  she will first laugh, then suggest ever-so politely that we need to have another go...

The stitching looks like the stitcher was wearing mittens - terrible!

The question is, do I let Miss U-t-B pass it off as her own work, or have everyone look at me with scorn?


  1. It's terrible stuff to work with as I have had to do it a few times. My mum was a milliner and she used it to make hats using the buckram as a base and she had various tricks which I would pass on but I can't remember them...old age and way too many years ago. One did include getting it slightly wet and cutting slits that you overlap like flat darts on the curve that will "hold" as you dry it because of the glue that's in the bukram but I don't recall if that was when you were using wire or not.....never mind.......good luck.

  2. Buckram is certainly not the easiest material to work with. I think you have done well!!

    Enjoy your sunday

  3. 100% for effort. My kids had such a hotch potch of things !