Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Buckram - my new best friend

Today I finally got round to making those scissor cases I'd been thinking about last week.

First I had to nip out and buy some buckram.  At £1.60 for a metre (which will make ten of these), at least it didn't break the bank!

I made a pattern based round my embroidery scissors - one arrowhead shape and one cone shape with a rounded top.

I then selected my fabric.  For this one, I decided to use part of a very holey mantelpiece drape that I got from a vide-grenier last year.  The bits I needed were only small, so I was able to use parts that were

I bonded the buckram (it was iron-on - result!) onto my selected bits of fabric and trimmed them, leaving a 1cm allowance on the 'v' part of the arrowhead shape.

Next I chose a scrap of felt large enough for the other side of the cone-shaped piece.

I used a sparing amount of fabric glue to stick the felt to the back of the cone shape, and to stick down the seam allowance of the 'v' onto the back of the buckram.

Here are the pieces ready to put together.  I will trim the bottom edges a little later.

I used blanket stitch on the 'v' edge first, before placing the two pieces together, pinning and blanket stitching down one side.  I trimmed the bottom edge to make it blunt rather than pointy as I thought this would be more robust. It has to be said that hand-stitching through buckram is a job best done with a thimble, but it does get easier as you go along!

 I blanket stitched all the way round and then over the domed edge.   I added a few extra stitches where the 'v' and the dome meet to make it stronger.  You could call it a day at that...

 ...or add a short length of ribbon and a snap fastener to keep the scissors extra secure.  I didn't like the stitching of the snap fastener showing, so added a felt flower embellishment.

I made these three in the space of a short afternoon, so not a time consuming make at all!


  1. when I went to the wool shop yesterday (she'g got a Sale on!) there were some embroidery scissors on the counter with fairy wings for the handles.

    Now I've seen how to make your scissor case I might just treat myself to a pair...although I'm sure they're not designed for "robust" use!

    Hope all is well with you

  2. These scissor cases are a great idea, no more accidental punctures, perfect for a handbag. You've done a really good job here. Buckram is so versatile isn't it?

  3. Oh wow ~ they are so lovely Alix! I love the fabrics you've used ~ what a great idea! Hope you have a lovely day! Love Brenda (thank you so much for your lovely comment too!)

  4. What lovely cases ~ they look greta x

  5. love them, what a fab idea and safe too! xx