Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A bit of stitching

A little while ago I took delivery of a fantastic bundle of fabric, from the website 'FabricRehab'.  

I pored over the webpages for an age and finally arrived at a selection of fabrics that I thought would offer me plenty of inspiration. You can see them here.  I was longing to get my fidgety hands on their loveliness, but no sooner had they arrived than I was devoid of any ideas as to what to do with them! 

Yesterday I finally got round to looking through some old magazines to try to find something new to make.
And in a copy of 'Sew' from last year I found this...

So I set to with three of the fabrics... 

Tiny Flower Green/Little Quirky Cottage Multi

Lecien Dot Green Mist/Tiny Flower Green

I proved myself to be not very good at following instructions, but in the end, after a couple of hiccups, I had this...

...which opens up to this...

Some of the hiccups are still evident - I'd like the quirky cottages to be a little less quirky, in that they are upside down on the front of the wallet, and I somehow managed to slightly twist one section, so one of the pockets looks wonky. Oh, and the whole thing is the opposite way round to the one in the magazine.  A wallet for left-handed people perhaps?

Determined to learn from the mistakes, I began again with two more lots of fabrics today. I altered a few measurements, changed bits of the method and took more care over the direction of sections, and ended the day with these...

The original plus today's new efforts

Something still to learn here - cut the fabric to have whole motifs where it matters!

I think I've now learnt enough to manage even better tomorrow, when I will have a go with some vintage fabric instead.

PS: The 'patient' is continuing to make a speedy recovery from his surgery!  Thanks for all the good wishes!


  1. Lovely, these are really sweet. And I'm sure it doesn't matter which way round the first one is!

  2. I love them all, such a talent! xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I really like those - I'm surprised it says 'for beginners' in the mag - they look quite hassley to me and I'm reasonable at sewing. Well done! Glad Mr UTB is doing well. Abby x

  4. Oh wow ~ you are so clever ~ they look wonderful! Glad to hear Mr UTB is making a speedy recovery! Love Brenda

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments. Abby - you are so right! I was surprised it says suitable for beginners - I'm not exactly a beginner and I found the first one rather tricky, to say the least!

  6. Well done they are lovely. Glad to hear Mr UTB is on the mend.

  7. I love them Alix, and love the fact that you still have a copy of 'Sew' from last year.