Thursday, 30 June 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - and a confession.

Okay.  I'll get it over with straight away.  The confession, I mean.  

I am a cheat!

When I decided to make my Wednesdays the day to finish off things from the pile of 
half-finished projects, little did I know that it could spawn 
a whole new problem.  

Tuesday evenings, if last night is anything to go by, is now going to be a time of feverish activity as I begin new things ready to finish the next day.  I think this is probably cheating. (Hangs head in shame...)  

In mitigation, Saturday is The Malting Market and I had a few things I wanted to get made for my stall.  Tuesday evening therefore saw me busy with some old tray cloths and an embroidered runner, all of which had seen better days.  Next, I delved into my stash of fabric for small pieces in complementary colours.

Here's what I made...

A trio of purses, almost entirely from salvaged materials.
This one's my favourite...

The reverse sides...

And insides...

Anyway, next week (and Wednesdays thereafter) I promise faithfully to return to finishing the 
long-abandoned projects.
Not that it really matters to any of you out there in blogland, but I am now relying on this blogging lark to become the 'Jiminy Cricket' voice in my head, reminding me of my promise!


  1. Oh Alix ~ you have produced yet more beautiful objects! They are simply wonderful, and yes, I think yours is my favourite too! I thought the outsides were pretty enough, but to see their gorgeous insides too ~ too clever! I'm sure they'll be snapped up in no time! Just lovely! Love Brenda

  2. Your purses are absolutely beautiful. I couldn't believe the detail on the inside. I'm sure these will fly off your stall! Love the scissor cases from your last post too. M x

  3. Oh my word Alix, those purses are amazing.

  4. That's my favourite too. Is is sold ? if not, can I buy it please ?

  5. These are really lovely. It's such a good idea to re-use runners and try cloths which are no longer fashionable and very often in a tatty state. Keep up the good work. Eli

  6. I've just come across from the Hen House to look at your purses and they're lovely. The insides are so detailed.