Saturday, 11 June 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

First of all, thank you for all the kind messages and positive thoughts after yesterday's post!  

I am very pleased to say that  all the positive vibes from the blogosphere and family and friends who called and texted must have counted, because Mr U-t-B has made a fabulous recovery from his discectomy so far. On regaining consciousness, he could already feel the difference in his legs and feet, with numb areas sensitive again and the vice-like pains gone!  By yesterday evening, less than ten hours after being operated on, he was able to walk to the loo, without crutches or walking stick.  Yay!

Today he was quickly signed off by the physiotherapist as able to be discharged and later on by the doctor. So he's now making our bedroom look untidy again!

But look what he's been delving into already...

My naughty sister sent him a toolbox!
Luckily, the contents are a little unusual...

And also rather delicious, in a chocolatey, biscuity kind of way!

The only tools he'll be let near for some time to come - I may even need to lock the real ones away!

The biscuit toolkit is from 'Biscuiteers'. 
I knew of the book...

Image courtesy of where you can buy the book, of course!

But I didn't know of the fantastic website with its glorious range of original biscuit-y gifts.

Image courtesy of

Image coutesy of

Anyway, better go now - Mr U-t-B wants a spanner!


  1. So glad to hear the Mr has made such brilliant progress, and is home and on the mend.
    Hopefully that tool box will keep him busy for a while!
    Arent those biscuits amazing? Havent heard of the before, but they look wonderful.
    All best wishes to Mr U T B for a speedy recovery, and to you who will probably be run off your feet looking after him!
    Gill xx

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, yes the girls certainly had a buzz and feeling good about themselves.So glad your other half is getting better.Wow that tool set is super cool l think may be l will have to visit the site.Have a great weekend.

    Hugs Pat.

  3. Glad that Mr U-t-B is doing well and is back home, I wish him a speedy recovery. I love his tool box too, just the kind I'd love to have!

    p.s. congratulations on your award a couple of posts ago, and thank you for passing it on to me - I will get on to it soon! x

  4. Wonderful news. Just keep him away from the screws!!! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Just playing catch up...! Hope MR UtB is ok!
    Hope also that you don't wear yourself out looking after him!

  6. That is brilliant news Alix. I'm so pleased for you, I tried to leave a message on your last post but blogger was not playing! hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  7. Such wonderful news! So glad that Mr UTB is recovering so well. What fabulous biscuits ~ I was just amazed ~ and I particularly loved the Royal Wedding ones! Such cleverness! Love Brenda

  8. So glad Mr UtB is on the mend. Fab pressie those biscuits, make sure you have some too!
    Andrea x

  9. So glad he's on the mend.
    Those are the best designer biccies aren't they?

  10. Glad things are looking up. A friend had some biscuits from the biscuiteers - they're fab aren't they. Hope this comment works as I seem to be having probs commenting at the mo. M x