Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

I sort of kept to my Wednesday rule (to begin nothing new) today, though I did rather bend the rules, perhaps.  

A while back I decided to look for some baskets to turn into themed sewing baskets, and on Monday, on a trip to a local garden centre, I finally acquired a couple.   So that was my 'work' started, and today I wanted to get it finished!

They were pretty cheap, so I didn't mind that although already lined, I wanted to re-line them.  

I managed to recycle a linen anti-macassar for the lining of one...

I made the most of the embroidered motif and, though you can't see it here, I also managed to keep the nice hem-stitching for the edge.  I later added some narrow stripey ribbon and a bow to finish it off.
The second one has a quirky cottage lining - I'm nearly out of this fabric now and may be forced to buy some more!

Once the baskets were re-lined, I wanted to make some complementary sewing accessories to go inside.
I covered the lids of two tins (for buttons or pins) and made two bottletop pincushions, then selected from previously made needlecases.

 I may make a scissors case for each basket - I know I have a pattern somewhere and I think it would be a nice addition - but otherwise I think these are pretty much finished, so at least they won't be hanging around next Wednesday, stopping me from getting on with the cross-stitch and the tapestry!


  1. Your baskets look beautiful!!!! Very original !! I love your blog Marie x

  2. These are absolutely lovely. What a busy bee you have been! M x

  3. Alix
    You have done a wonderful job with lining these basket.

  4. Oh they're just lovely Alix ~ great job! You've been an encouragement to me to not start any more projects until I finish the ones I've started ~ Thank You! Love Brenda

  5. So much better with your linings, clever girl :) xx Ava

  6. Beautifully co-ordinated,would make a lovely gift for a keen sewer too.

  7. They're much nicer now! xxxxxxx

  8. They are so lovely and do you know, they'd make lovely christmas hampers.