Monday, 13 June 2011

An Old Wives' Tale, a Rude Awakening and Probably the Best Cupcake in the World

Friday night I was looking forward to a really, really good night's sleep.
I had had two really bad ones in the run up to Mr U-t-B's surgery, and I was all alone for the night, what with him still in hospital at the time.  But blow me down, didn't the stupid cold that I have had hanging around for the last ten days or so turn to the most irritating and persistent, tickly cough, just to keep me awake long into the night I had planned as 
my 'catch-up' night.  Grrrr!

Only two weeks ago, I had been saying to my family (who were all here for lunch on the Bank Holiday Monday) that I had heard that rubbing Vick's VapoRub on the soles of your feet and donning socks overnight was a sure fire way to deal with night-time coughs, but that as I never, ever get colds, I hadn't had a chance to see if this was true.

Image coutesy of - I love seaglass!

Less than twenty-four hours later, the cold virus claimed me 

(obviously my boastful statement had incurred his wrath)

but I wasn't wise enough to go and buy some Vick's straightaway. 

On Saturday, after the Friday night cough-a-thon, I did, and dutifully rubbed it into my feet when the coughing began at about nine-thirty.  A definite improvement, but I wasn't actually in bed yet (had to pick up Miss U-t-B from a party at ten-thirty).  I rubbed a bit more in before bedtime, and slept like a baby!

So that's the old wives' tale!  Admittedly my cough isn't really bad (it's just a cold), but I would recommend it (even though I can't abide to wear socks in bed!)

After a good night's slumber, I was a bit lazy getting out of bed on Sunday and was finally downstairs at eight forty-ish, halfway through making tea and toast for 'im-upstairs, when there was the sound of a speeding car, then the eerie sound of wheels not making contact with the ground and finally a sickeningly loud thud.

This is what happened right outside our next door neighbour's house.

View from our bedroom window - blue car the culprit

This one's in a bad way too - it bumped the white car, but that's not too badly damaged

Three cars written off, plus a fourth damaged, a bollard knocked down and tossed through the air into our neighbour's sitting room window (luckily it didn't break), but fortunately no-one badly injured.

Not even the drunk driver...

All I can say is it was a good thing it was a quiet Sunday morning, with nobody on the pavement.  Had it been a weekday, the pavement would have been busy with children on their way to the school where I teach, or the one Miss U-t-B went to.  Doesn't bear thinking about...

It was like a pyjama party out there (only without any food, drink, balloons or mirth!) with neighbours from five houses all out in their jimmy-jams and dressing gowns, waiting for the ambulance and the police. 

The paramedics checked the driver over, then he was taken away by the police.  
A bit of a dramatic start to the day...

Later on, Miss U-t-B and I went down to my parents' on a flying visit to see my cousin from Argentina, who we last saw five years ago.

Miss U-t-B with two of my cousins' children in 2006
My sister was there too, with yet more goodies to make sure Mr U-t-B doesn't fade away whilst he is recuperating...

Tiramisu Cupcakes 
from The Hummingbird Bakery's 'Cake Days' book.

...which you can get at a very reasonable price from 'The Book People' whose photo I have pinched...
These are seriously yummy - I am dribbling at the mere mention.  

Now I am off to tidy my sewing room, which got a bit untidy last week as we had a visitor for five nights.  I am feeling in the mood for new projects, so hopefully I will have something to show-and-tell soon!


  1. oh no, as you say good job no-one was hurt...
    drunk drivers argh!

    years ago me and hubby used to go out with some friends and as hubby is a bus driver he does not drink, ever, end of. and all we got from these so-called friends, one of who was a lorry driver at the time, oh go on, only one won't hurt...and hubby was made to feel bad cos he was as they put it ' a goody two shoes' and 'mardy' etc because he wouldn't have a drink,you get the picture, what is it with drunk drivers? and drunks in general, one friday night about four years I was rushed to hospital with really bad heavy bleeding period problems, it gets so bad at times I get hospitalised on a drip! anyway I got sent home as there was no beds free because of all the drunks!!
    best get off my soap box now.
    now don't get me wrong me and hubby don't mind people having a drink and being sociable but some people don't know when to stop...
    Josie x

  2. What a prang!

    When I had a cold as I child I used to hate the sight of the Vick pot. My parents used to bung it up my nostrils and rub it liberally all over my chin, neck and chest. My nightie used to stick to it and everything felt greasy. I swear by a few drops of eucalyptus oil on my pillow to help me breathe. Hope you feel better soon. M x

  3. I'm so sorry you've been poorly with a cold dear Alix ~ and do hope that the Vicks will continue to work its magic for a good nights' slumber! Oh dear, what a fender-bender out the front of your home ~ so good that no-one was seriously injured ~ and what a birds-eye-view you had! Lovely to hear that you had a special time with your cousin and family, and those cupcakes look absolutely delicious, thank you for the recommendation of the book ~ one of my girls is a cup-cake-maker! Love Brenda

  4. That looks awful out there ! I hate the thud sound of a crash.

    I put Vic on my throat & up my nose but never heard of putting it on the soles of your feet !

    Jess has a Hummingbird cake book full of yummy delight !

  5. Flippin' eck, colds, car crashes, visits and cupcakes! I love Vick's vaporub and swear by it each time I have a cold. And I'm the opposite and always have really cold feet so have a lovely collection of fluffy bed socks! Big hug, Em x

  6. yep I always rub vicks on the kids feet when they have colds and coughs.Hope you are all better now

  7. Never heard of the vics thing before, but thanks I'll remember that! Hope hubby is feeling better, he's certainly well fed! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx