Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Finally joining the game...

Have you ever visited Penny at 'The Hen House'?  
If you haven't, you really should!  
I'm always pleased when I see she has put up a new post - I like her quirky style and she always has something interesting or funny to say, plus she takes some great photos.

 At the start of the month, Penny 'tagged' me in a bloggy game that made me feel a bit like a swotty kid who couldn't go out till she'd done her homework, euphonium practice and double Latin to Greek translations, because I was too busy to join in straightaway.  

But finally, I have put all that busy-ness behind me, and I can skip off to play!  
Just hope all the other kids haven't been called in for bed now...

Here are the rules of the game:

Rule 1 - No Tag-Backs (you can't tag me back)

Rule 2 - You must tag a further 8 bloggers

Rule 3 - You must answer the questions below

Rule 4 - You must have a link back to the people who tagged you 

Here goes...

If you could be any historical or current character who would you be?

When I was at junior school, this was one of my favourite books...

I thought the story of a rich little Victorian girl who fought against what was considered acceptable to become a nurse was pretty inspiring.  And I liked the look of the ever-so orderly ward she presided over with her lamp! 
Further inspired by this book...

...I spent my entire childhood planning a career in nursing to follow in Florence's footsteps.  But in sixth form, I did voluntary work at the local hospital every Monday afternoon for two years and decided I wasn't up to it.  

Name an interesting fact about yourself.

My knees have dimples which make them look like a pair of cherubic faces.  
Well, if you screw up your eyes they do...
At university, it was my party piece to skilfully contract and relax the muscles 
to make them look like they were talking.  

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

Probably the time someone first noticed my knees!

Which character traits annoy you

Intolerance and ingratitude

Name one thing that you would change in yourself?

 Though I'm far from perfect, I can't think of anything deep and meaningful to say here!  I'd like to be a bit more sociable perhaps?

What do you consider your biggest achievement?

Getting away with it so far...

Now the tricky bit, tagging other bloggers.  
Especially tricky because I had to do a similar thing last week with the 
'Versatile Blogger' award. 
So because one of the other things I'd sometimes like to change about myself is my inability to break rules, I'm going to break one here and not tag anyone else. 
There are so many great blogs out there (just look in my sidebar for a few recommendations);  I can't decide which ones to tag;  I haven't enough time to check whether they accept tags and awards and such like (as I did last time).  
So please forgive me for breaking the rules!


  1. I read The Hen House too:) I was always fascinated by Florence Nightingale and also wanted to be a nurse. However, my father was a volunteer fireman in our village and was on 24 hour call. Many times I would be with him in our car when he got called out and he would have no choice but to take me with him. My mum worked and I was too young to be left alone. And, of course he would have to get to the scene ASAP. Not fun:( One too many car accidents and fire scenes kind of turned me off nursing.

  2. What???? No picture of the dimpled knees?? xxxx

  3. aww shucks, thank you for the nice things you said !
    I went all goose bumply ( I know that's not correct English ) seeing that Ladybird Florence Nightingale book ! I read it over & over again so when it came to my children writing about her I was like an 'ask Jeeves!'
    Oh how I wish I had all those books now... I gave away heaps though mum kept lots of my things for her future grandchildren ( all six have enjoyed ) ( I haven't got six kids ... I have three brothers who have children! )

    You should think about auditioning for 'Britian's Got Talent' with those knees !!!

  4. It was lovely to read those extra 'bits' about you Alix ~ especially about your 'party trick' knees! And, yes indeed, Florence Nightingale was certainly an inspiration! :) Love Brenda