Monday, 16 May 2011

Scrumptious fabrics, great combinations...and not an idea in my head!

A couple of weeks ago, I got completely carried away on the fantastic FabricRehab website and bought a little (okay, not so little) stack of fat quarters.  I was planning on being filled with ideas for new projects once I got the two fairs of last weekend out of the way.

The fabrics arrived quickly and they are as scrummy as I imagined, 
but I have a head empty of new ideas.  

In fact, empty of any ideas!  

So, until the creative juices begin to flow again, I will just content myself with looking at the pile and giving it an occasional stroke, and I let you have a peek too! 

Remix Dots Spring/Little Fawn Pink

Folklore Dala Horse Natural/Folklore Garland Red

Lecien Dot Green Mist/Tiny Flower Green

Lecien Dot Green Mist/Little Quirky Cottage Multi

Little Quirky Cottage Multi/Tiny Flower Green

Tea Blooms/Strawberry Tea

Hideaway Tiny Gingham Sky/Hideaway Folk Art Sky

Hoopla Garden Cobalt

Hoopla Garden Cobalt/Vintage Basics Dots Ruby Red

If you liked the talking dog, you may like these too.  First, the cats talk as you'd expect...

And here's the translation into English...

If you missed the dog, do scroll down to find it.  It's still making me smile thirty-six hours after I first saw it!


  1. Oh wow ~ those fabrics are just beautiful! Great choices! Can't wait to see what you do with them! :) Loved the you-tube clips too ~ just gorgeous! Love Brenda

  2. Isn't that just the way, get busy on something else and you'll be struck with inspiration! Great fabrics to play with though.

  3. Those fabrics are seriously delicious! Something will come to you! Abby x

  4. Oh.....lovely scrummy yummy fabric but I bet the same has happened to you as it did to me. I bought a bunch of fat quarters at a quilt show last fall and I haven't done anything with them yet. I think I have too much choice and I can't decide. Fabric overdose...LOL

  5. Loved the talking cats! I sometimes like fabric too much and that hinders my wanting to use it. I am sure you will suddenly be inspired as to what to do with it.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. The fabrics are gorgeous, sometimes I have a piece for ages before I think of the perfect thing it will become, I'm sure it will be lovely xx

  7. Ooh these fabrics are delicious. I am too scared to look on the fabric websites at the moment as it's so tempting and i'm supposed to be saving! I'll just look at yours for my fabrix fix instead. Hannah x

  8. I go gormless sometimes when faced with too much lovliness too! xxx