Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

As it is Wednesday, I will be keeping to my new rule to start nothing new and get on with some unfinished projects instead.  

I have to confess that last week I broke my rule (almost straight after making it - I'm such a rebel!) but I had been invited to a 'Baby Shower' (which I couldn't go to) and needed to make some bunting to send along in my place.  I forgot to take a photo of it - it was rather nice, if I do say so myself, with the baby's name, Sophia, on one side and the Polish version 'Zosia' on the other (as the Mum-to-be is Polish).

I didn't feel too guilty about breaking the rule as I'd done lots of work on the unfinished pile beyond the previous Wednesday.  So the William Morris tapestry has gone from this... this...

That's one more strawberry, a birdie tail, a leaf and some stalks added.  

The cross-stitch has also moved on, from this... this...

That's a couple more letters and a cow finished. 

Yesterday we had the appointment with the spinal consultant.  It was a bit of a trial getting Mr U-t-B there, but we got there in the end.   He has got a date for the operation - 31st May.  So we're moving in the right direction!  


  1. Love the tapestry - the cows are great! Glad you (he) have got an early-ish appointment. Have a good day. Abby x

  2. Lovely to see these developing - they are so pretty. Zosia is a lovely name like most Polish names. I have a friend Eva who sometimes spells her name Ewa.

  3. Good job with finishing up the ufo's I have a few lurking around the place. Glad you have a date for the op at least you can plan and prepare now.

  4. They're both exquisite - well done and will look fab when they're finished. I like your approach to Wednesdays I may have to adopt it
    Caroline x
    PS Good news that you now have a date to focus on for your husband

  5. Well done on the tapestry and cross-stitch ~ they're looking fantastic! And I'm sure the bunting you made would have looked wonderful too ~ what a special gift for the baby shower! Glad to hear you have a date for Mr UTB's surgery ~ not too long to wait now, and do trust that he won't be in too much pain until then. Love Brenda

  6. Good to hear about Mr U-T-B:)