Thursday, 26 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

Don't worry - the title is not more evidence of an increasing level of battiness that is creeping over me (evidenced by yesterday's sandal mishap) - I do know it is now Thursday, but as I now devote most of my free-time on a Wednesday to actually working on the unfinished projects, I always forget to post about them.

Yesterday was a nice, sunshine-y sort of day, with winds less strong than has been the case of late, so after I'd finished work, I took a bit of sewing into the garden and enjoyed both the warmth and the good light.

Without Mr U-t-B and his enthusiastic hacking-away-at-things, certain plants are getting burgeoning forth.

The 'New Dawn' rose, honeysuckle and purple clematis look and smell lovely, but I will need to rein them in soon, as they are making it very difficult to get into our little garden shelter, where all the tools are!

Yesterday I concentrated on the cross-stitch, managing to finish all the letters.

Last week

A bit more grass has appeared, and a couple of cows have been finished.

This week

Working outside is really the key to getting this one complete as the linen 
can be tricky in less-than-perfect light.  I know I should get a daylight simulation lamp!

Work on the tapestry has also progressed, in spite of a couple of small setbacks which I need to correct.

Last week
This week

I have realised that I have stitched the feather shaped leaf in the centre in the wrong shade of blue-green, and also that the speckles on the breast and tummy of the bird are the wrong colour.  I am tempted to leave the bird alone, but will have to unpick the leaf as there's lots more to do around it.  I guess this is one of the downsides of charts that are coloured, rather than made up of symbols.

The coloured chart - pretty it may be, but symbols would make it so much easier to get right in poor light!

So, progress has been made, albeit only a little bit.  It may feel like it will be another few decades before these are finished, but at least they are heading in the right direction!


  1. Hang in there - you'll get it finished eventually! Love the alphabet sampler - beautiful colours.

  2. Wow, the tapestry and cross stitch are beautiful. I can only dream of ever being able to do something as intricate as that.

  3. I love the ABC sampler - and I love the way you take no credit for 'a little bit more grass has appeared' ! My OH is a great one for hacking down things in the garden too - at our previous house we had a huge garden with loads of trees that he hacked away at - we're now in town with a fairly small garden, so I've banished him to an allotment! Abby x

  4. As long as you have a matching pair of shoes on & the sun is shining.........nothing else matters! xxxxxxxxxxx