Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tea Things Tuesday

...and although mugs are the order of every, ordinary day, I love an excuse to get out a teaset and do a proper high tea.  So when I saw a new stall opposite me at The Maltings on Saturday, laden with china, I was thrilled.  I had a quick peek early in the day, but always try to curb any desire to spend at that point.

But when I spotted this jug on the stall a little later...

...I had to take a closer look.  It wasn't alone - it had friends!  Namely, a sugar bowl, two sandwich plates, five side plates and five cups and saucers.

It is Phoenix Ware by Thomas Forester and Sons.  As it was cheap, I treated myself! 

Saturday's Maltings Market was a little quieter than usual, but this may have been because people were saving themselves for Sunday's 'Vintage'.  I was able to set up on Saturday evening, allowing myself a later than usual start on Sunday.

My stall was between those of 'acorn and will' and 'clothkits'.  It was hard being next to temptation all day, especially as I had been eyeing the lovely brooches Daniella has for sale online for some months.  Decisions, decisions - so many designs and such pretty colours.  In the end I plumped for this one...

Sadly, my photo does not do its apple-green, sage-y loveliness justice - you'll just have to hop over to her website instead!

And on the clothkits stall were some lovely bits of haberdashery - beautiful buttons and Liberty binding.   It would have been rude not to buy a little something...

Eight metres of Edenham binding on a lovely wooden spool, which looks perfect with my little collection of bits and pieces on the mini-drawers in my workroom.

Sunday was a lovely, buzzy day - lots of people in fabulous vintage costumes and a great atmosphere.  It was great to meet new people (both stall holders and buyers) and chat.  There is going to be another 'Vintage' later in the year, so I hope I'll be invited again!


  1. my grandmother would always make tea with a set trolly - cups & saucers, side plates, plates of homemade scones. I used to love setting the trolly then wheeling it into the lounge for afternoon tea.

    Love those buttons !

  2. Love the teaset - the colours are lovely. The teacups have beautifully shaped handles. Very pretty!

  3. I think tea somehow tastes better in a cup and these are lovely. Caroline

  4. My son is a Tea Sommelier...I kid you not. He took courses at college and has a diploma to teach tea courses. So you can well imagine when he serves tea it's a big deal. I love it:)