Monday, 23 May 2011

Car Booty

I did get to the Car Boot in the end yesterday, and the rain held off until later in the morning when it sent me scuttling home from the allotment.  The  Car Boot was not as busy with sellers as the previous time, but I came away pleased all the same.

Here's most of what I found...

A vintage nightie pattern - not sure how with four and a half yards of material this is an 'economy' design, though.  I'm quite tempted to make this but know that Mr U-t-B would laugh his head off if I wafted into the bedroom dressed like this.

Then another pattern, for a 1 yard set of aprons.

50 p each pattern!

Next I spied these sweet coffee cups (on the stall of the lady I bought the 'Herb' book from last time I went)...

The jug matched and it did seem a shame to separate them!

The tray was only a pound, and it is good and solid.  I think the Annie Sloan paint will be out shortly...

Then I saw this sweet little doll. 

Her face is ever so sweet, and look how bright the colours are! (Even if she does look like she's got a nasty case of 'slapped cheek' syndrome.)  Her eyes are the prettiest of blues, and they work properly.

 Her dress looks original, though rather faded, and she has her nappy and slip too.  She's a 'Pedigree' doll.  She has lost her voice though!

I think she has spent most of her life just sitting there looking sweet as she shows very few signs of having been played with.  But she does have one problem.  She had a plastic bag of hand-knitted clothes...

..and out of the bag (in a rather gruesome way) fell... of her fingers!   

 I don't know what happened to her - maybe she put her hand in a fire, but she has a discoloured stump for a right hand...So she had to come home with me!

(It's true - up until the point when I spotted her problem, 
I was just looking out of interest 
(I'm not really a 'dolly' kind of person)
but once I saw her poor hand, a wave of sympathy swept over me 
and I found myself asking 'How much?'  
And the young man obviously wanted her to find a home, 
as the answer was  'One pound, please!')

Mr U-t-B had better get better soon, so he can accompany me on my Car Boot trips and restrain me!


  1. great buys especially jealous of the pinny pattern.

  2. Oh, poor dolly! Glad she's found a new home.

  3. Such sweet finds Alix! And how lovely that the dear Pedigree doll has a new home with you ~ she looks remarkably like my little grand-daughter ~ red cheeks and all (she's teething at the moment!). Can't wait to see what you do with the lovely tray. Hope Mr UTB is feeling better soon. Love Brenda

  4. Oooh, lovely finds, esp the sweet little doll (I would have had to rescue her too) and the tray - will look great when painted. I haven't been able to go to a CB for 2 weeks now and am getting serious withdrawl problems!

  5. Love the pinny pattern, such a fab picture, I'd frame it. And I'm not a doll person either, but she is quite sweet as baby dolls go - maybe you can knit her some mittens?

  6. Wow, those nightie patterns are very flouncy and frilly. Liking the pattern for aprons as well. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the tray.

  7. Oh that finger - it's a little creepy! Glad she has found a happy home to come to though.

    Great finds - love the apron pattern.