Friday, 13 May 2011

Two for the Price of One

Because the post that follows {or should follow - it seems to have disappeared, but maybe it will return, like one of Little Bo-Peep's sheep, once the Blogger crash is all sorted} this one is not going to be to everybody's taste, today (for one day only!) I am giving you two posts to choose from! Such generosity, eh?

So first, a recipe. On Monday I mentioned the 'Crunchy Topped Squares' that were frequently enjoyed on the picnics of my younger days. On Tuesday, I got baking, and as they were so yummy I thought I'd share.

Here's what it looks like as it emerges from the oven...

To make this delicious teatime treat, simply melt together 4oz/100g of butter or margarine and a rounded tablespoon of Golden Syrup.

Stir in 1oz/25g of demerara sugar, followed by 3oz/75g of oats, 3oz/75g of desiccated coconut and 2oz/50g of chopped glace cherries.

Whizz up an all in one cake made with 4oz/100g of butter or margarine, 4oz/100g of caster sugar, 2 eggs and 4oz/100g of self-raising flour.

Tip the cake mix into a greased and lined 10 inch by 7 inch tin (I used a big square tin as I'd done double the recipe to take into school, so the picture won't match) and then sprinkle the oat and coconut mix on top.

Bake at 350 degrees F/180 degrees C/Fan oven 160 degrees/Gas Mark 4 for approximately 50 minutes.

Cut into squares when cool and enjoy!


  1. Oh double Yum! Those Crunchy Top Squares look absolutely delicious! Love Brenda

  2. Love both your posts! Def going to try and make your bake. And, as for Eurovision, can't imagine life without it ... I mean, it's an excuse for a party, gives us the basis for numerous jokes and just very occasionally, a good song! M x