Sunday, 1 May 2011


I think a blog can be a great way of preserving memories, so here are the bits of the Royal Wedding I'd most like to remember.

The sheer, unadulterated joy of this pageboy (Tom Pettifer)...

The first glimpse of 'The Dress' and the relief seeing how classically beautiful it looked.

The confidence and happiness oozing from every pore of the radiant bride...

The maid-of-honour's gorgeous dress (I don't think it's the last we'll be seeing of her!)

Lip-reading the words 'beautiful' from a completely awestruck-looking Prince William...

The moment they emerged from the Abbey...

 (Is Prince Harry seizing a chance to try to impress his new sister-in-law there?)

The crowds and the pomp and circumstance...

The understated flowers, the vintage tiara and vintage-inspired dress...

And another vintage nod - the 1969 Aston Martin Volante...

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the highlight of the day was bringing 
Mr U-t-B home from hospital!  He probably needs surgery to sort his disc problems out, but as there was no available slot for the operation  (the spinal surgeon being away at the moment) he was offered the option of coming home and having a review in two weeks (in the hope that the cocktail of drugs he's now on will allow healing to take place, in which case he may avoid the surgeon's knife for the time being).  Thanks for all the good wishes!


  1. Hi I agree with blogging being a place to preserve memories. Hope hubby is ok - I have had surgery twice on my back for a disc problem (corda equina) so if you need to know anything or want a little bit of reasurance then e-mail me if you wish. I am fine now I do get the odd twinge and have to take pain killers occasionally but allis well. Take care.

  2. Just love your pictures I can't stop looking at them. Watching the TV was great but nothing tells a story like a still image. Glad to hear Mr UTB now at home x

  3. What beautiful images to preserve ~ I enjoyed every minute of it too! Do hope that Mr UTB will respond to the medication and be able to avoid surgery. Love Brenda

  4. The wedding was simple perfection.
    I'm glad hubby is home & I hope he improves quickly...xxxxxxxxxx

  5. These are lovely especially the first. I didn't really see the bridesmaids' dresses up close. It's been great discussing the wedding with friends & neighbours. One of our favourite elderly customers who regularly buys something in the charity shop got upset because Fregie wasn't invited !

    Fingers crossed for Mr UtB x