Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It's St Andrew's Day...

What an excellent excuse for a musical interlude from some of my favourite Scottish bands and artists...

Happy St Andrew's Day to everyone in Scotland and everyone elsewhere with a wee bit of Scottish blood coursing through their veins!


  1. Hi Alix- just stumbled across your blog via Thrifty Mrs [tho I notice you read Floss, Lakota and other blogs I enjoy too]
    I have spent a very happy time reading back thru your earlier posts, and now become a follower.
    Good to see a; things you have made which I have ALSO done and b; the things I MEANT to do.

    Advent blessings!

  2. Oh I saw The Proclaimers when they were supporting The Housemartins back in the early 80's, and that Aztec Camera song is one of my faves.........thanks for sharing these
    happy st andrews!

  3. Aye some great Scottish bands there !

  4. Oh, thanks for sharing! These songs bring back so many memories!

  5. Hi Alix, thank you for your lovely words on my blog last week. I really appreciated your kindness. The M.E. is generally worse over the winter due to all the viruses flying round that tend to trigger into it. I'm doing a lot better with things this week and wanted to come by and just say thank you. Hugs, Em xx

  6. My favourite Scottish Band is Runrig, well Runrig when Donnie Munro was still with them. I have every CD, their videos, went to several concerts including two at Stirling Castle which were Donnie's farewell.
    I was right at the front.......... twice! Happy days.
    Carol xx