Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Rather Spiffing Book

On Friday evening, we were invited to Miss U-t-B's school for their annual Prize Giving.  
It was a great evening in the beautiful setting of the school chapel...

Unbelievably, this was only completed in the 1930s!

As the teachers filed in in their gowns, I couldn't help but feel that the owls, flying candles and Hagrid would be following shortly!

Miss U-t-B had won her form prize. She was given a book token some time ago and instructed to choose a book to be given to her - and that it didn't have to be a 'worthy tome'.  

So this is what she chose...

...'The Vintage Tea Party Book', by Angel Adoree, who you may have seen on 'Dragon's Den', wooing Theo and Deborah into making an offer to back her Vintage Patisserie.

Inside this lovely book you can find recipes for tea parties at different times of the day, from a 
brunch-type tea party in the morning...

Hot Baked Grapefruit with Creme Fraiche and Honey

Onion and Potato Flowers
...to the traditional afternoon tea...

Lollipop Jam Sandwiches

Chocolate Prune Teacakes
...and into the evening, with a cocktail-type party...

Chilled Raspberry Soup

White and Dark Chocolate Croquembouche
There are also vintage styling tips...

How cute is this hair-do?

Instructions are included!

It also has loads of fab ideas for how to decorate your venue (but I forgot to photograph any of them).

If you're into vintage, food and parties, it's a great starting point for planning your next bash!

And with a certain person about to turn fifteen at the end of the week, that's exactly what I will be doing this week, with the help of her lovely book!


  1. Well done Miss U-t-B, and I love her choice of book.
    lily x

  2. Lovely book, great choice and a lovely setting to enjoy it all

  3. What a lovely book & great choice. Well done Miss U2B !

    Jess has the Dragons' Den Reggae Reggae sauce man Levi Roots' cook book & I'm taking it away with us !

  4. Looks like a fabulous book. Good choice!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I have this book and LOVE it. M x

  6. Congratulations to Miss Used-to-Bee, what a great book, excellent choice.
    Carol xx

  7. What a lovely book you have chosen, and the chapel is absolutely beautiful. Well done!

    Enjoy your week.