Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Proper Ta-Dah!

Some while ago, faced with the need to prune the honeysuckle, clematis, vine and rose at the end of the garden, which had all but smothered our little 'lean-to-shed-type-thing'...

...we discovered what a sorry state the underlying structure was in... reluctantly cleared it, took half its contents down to the dump  (and spread the remainder all over the garden!) and set about the demolition...

...then began all over again!

I was dreaming of something pretty...

Mr U-t-B was dreaming of somewhere practical, a place for every tool and every tool in its place...

A design was hatched to please us both.

Once the framework was constructed, it was covered in 

A hunt for three old windows turned up these rather battered examples... Mr U-t-B then made window frames to fit them.   
With a bit of nifty work with the paint brush, the cladding went from boringly woody, to attractively willowy...

And finally, this morning, in the late autumn sunshine, I managed to put the finishing touches to (mostly) Mr U-t-B's hard work, with a coat of paint to the windows and 

So here it is - finished!

I can tell you, we're mightily pleased!

To the left is the proper shed bit.  It is an unusual trapezium shaped shed , because that's the shape of the slab of concrete beneath!  (I had to tell you that in case you thought 
Mr U-t-B was incapable of building something with walls at proper right angles to each other!) This shape does make it nice and spacious inside too.

The right hand side has matching front and window, but is open, as it is meant mainly for the storage of our bikes, and for over-wintering garden furniture. You will notice that our shed roof has gutters and a water-butt to give it a bit of 
eco-credibility. This area of the garden was already paved, so it will be easier to keep clean and tidy.

The drastically pruned climbers are all showing signs of life, but they will be kept in check from now on.  (I promise, husband dearest!) 

Mr U-t-B did a grand job of replacing the five panes of glass that were broken (I'll only mention in brackets the one he cracked with his blowtorch when welding bits together).

And lest you should think that inside the shed has become some cosy, fabric-lined bolt-hole for me, I'll show you inside...

A proper boy's shed!


  1. Adore the colour you have used on the shed. I so would have wanted to stuff the tools and make it a summerhouse, you are very good letting hubby have it for manly things :). Lolo xx

  2. Wowee! It's amazing, no wonder you're pleased xx

  3. What a fabulous shed and the windows give it so much character. Well done Mr & Mrs U-t-B

    Helen xx

  4. What a good job he's made of it! So good to have a place like that to stor things as tools etc.

    Well done! Enjoy your new week.

  5. Wow - fantastic! Great job!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. It's a beauty!
    Are you sure you're not just a teensie bit tempted to move the vintage fabric and sewing machine down there?

  7. I'm not jealous MUCh it's fabulous. Can't you slowly slowly take away the tools and replace with fabric and wool. um tempting.

  8. I'm really NOT tempted! My workroom is warm and cosy, there are no spiders or mice and I have electricity. Besides, I should never again hear the doom-laden voice of Mr U-t-B saying 'Where on earth is my big spanner/yellow Phillips screwdriver/hammer/drill bits etc etc etc?' because supposedly it's all in the shed now!

  9. Wow Alix! I am glad you sent me this link as somehow I missed this reveal. Now beware...I might just have to kidnap Mr. U-t-B and bring him here to build me a woodshed. It would be simple as it is all open and nowhere near as fancy. I will feed him well and have a comfy guest room for him until he is released

    Hugs from Holland ~

    P.S. - My DH was very impressed with yours handy work. Mine is not a DIY man himself although I have been getting him to try doing more. :-)