Friday, 25 November 2011

Making Angels

Mr U-t-B and I have both been making angels...

 I worked on the how-to provided in the magazine to make the angels a right bunch of posers, capable of Highland Flings...

 ...jaunty haloos...

...exaggerated exclamations...

...and garrulous greetings...

Faces have been developed... well as slightly different styles of dress and embellishment...

...and some blondes have flown onto the scene, to join the raven-haired and the brunettes.

(May I also add that these angels all have a lovely pair of bloomers to preserve their modesty whilst aloft...

...pipe- cleaner bottoms and unravelling wool not being very attractive!  These also allowed me to pad the bodies a bit, which I scented with Christmas Spice oil.)

'And what part did Mr U-t-B play in the making of these angels?' I hear you ask.
Well, no - he's been making angels of his own.  Here's a quotation from my favourite
 film ever, that tells you how...

"Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings."
Zuzu in 'It's a Wonderful Life

I'll give you more details of why he's been ringing bells, maybe tomorrow!


  1. They are beautiful, I love them xx

  2. I LOVE how you've given them little characters - and those personalities shine through! Sweet sweet sweet little angels (and I love the Wonderful Life quote too!).


  3. oooh intriguing!
    what beautiful winged ladies
    love jooles x

  4. Mmmmmm interesting. Gorgeous angels, Alix, you've surpassed yourself.

  5. What beautiful angels, so expressive.
    Carol xx

  6. Your girls look ready to party! I love the expressions on their faces

  7. Well Blondes DO have more fun - so they say but all your darling little Angels look like they are having fun !