Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Want-to-Make Wednesday - Floral and Fruity

These felt flowers designed by Sian Hamilton, found in 'Making' magazine from September 2011.

 The lovely thick felt for these is from 'Blooming Felt' - follow the link to find it here.

The sweet, differently-shaped yo-yo flowers embellishing this outfit...

Found in 'Simply Homemade' Issue 2, designed by Diane Grimshaw and made with the help of a 'Clover' flower shaped yo-yo maker. You can buy these here.

Then two reasons to learnt to crochet...

Handmade Living August 2011
Designed by Ann Wignall

Making January 2011
By Vanessa Mooncie


  1. Love those felt flowers and the flower shaped Yo-yo's. Not keen on the plain ones but these look really effective!

  2. How simple is the pattern for the cherries? Because I think I might NEED them
    Thanks for more lovely inspiration

  3. You are naughty tempting us with all these goodies! Definitely the cherries for me

  4. What lovelies. I adore the little dress ! I made felt flowers when Jess was a Munchkin in a school play !