Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Tooth Fairy is not dead...

...but alive and well and  living in the north-eastern corner of Hampshire.  She seems to have morphed into a very nice chap who looks an awful lot like my very own husband...

Look what the tooth fairy brought me...

I'd say that's a pretty fair exchange for one wisdom tooth!

The tooth fairy actually brought me this the Saturday before last, the day after the extraction, but I haven't had time to share it so far.  The 'fairy' did 'her' shopping at  The Maltings Market in Farnham, which is also an excellent hunting ground for mere mortals like ourselves.

Can't wait to put some delicate and pretty nibbles on it this weekend!


  1. What a beautiful cakestand - very pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. What a fantastic tooth fairy you have.
    It's lovely

  3. Good tooth fairy!! Wonderful cake stand. I was reading someones blog just yesterday an saw them making these stands.

    Enjoy your thursday.

  4. How on earth did that fit under your pillow?!

    I drooled with desire over cake stands like this at the Kitsch and Stitch Fair a few months back, but, maybe sadly, I had no tooth fairy excuse.


  5. It's a lovely cake stand we seem to be sadly lacking tooth fairies of this type in North Bucks

  6. The tooth fairy has really upped the exchange rate! Lovely cake stand.
    Carol xx

  7. Hi Alix,love your cake stand what a nice tooth fairy hangs around your place.Love jill xx

  8. Thanks for your comment over at The Pea Pod Alix. You're very sweet xx

  9. What a clever & thoughtful Toothfairy. Lovely pretty cake stand. How do they do that without cracking the lovely plates ?
    Oh, I've just realised, they stick the posts on & not drill all the way through !

    Funny how familiar Father Christmas can look too ( and now I shall be singing " I saw Mama kissing Santa Clause " ALL DAY !!!)

  10. Very, very pretty! What a nice gift!