Monday, 28 November 2011

Thoughts turning to home...

I've dithered about whether or not to do this post, but as I mentioned it in my last post, I'm sort of duty bound to go ahead with it, so here goes...

I'm not usually one for sharing much in the way of feelings on my blog (well, apart from excitement when a parcel arrives or some particularly lovely bit of old stuff has come into my possession!) but I'm making an exception here, for a very worthwhile cause.

On Friday, when I read Sophie's post about St Cuthbert's Church and the homeless man who sleeps there, I  felt pretty choked up.  At a time of year when thoughts focus on home, family and friends, it is terrible to think of those who, for whatever reason, have no home in which to take shelter and no family or friends with whom to share and celebrate.  I needed to do something.

With the de-clutter continuing, and ebay offering free listings over the weekend, I thought that one small thing I could do would be to list some of the things we no longer need for one of the homelessness charities.  I tried to find one that focuses on homelessness in rural communities, because I'm sure that this is a problem that is rather overlooked, but so far have failed to do so, so opted for 'Crisis' who are running their well-known 'Crisis at Christmas' campaign for the 40th time this year.  If anyone knows of a rural homelessness charity, please let me know what it is!

So I am mentioning my ebay listings here in the hope that you might be hop over and take a look.  90% of what I raise will be going to Crisis.  

How nice would those look in amongst your Christmas decorations?

And then I have also added this angel...

...for anyone out there who'd like something completely individual on top of their tree this year!

(I have listed most of these for the UK only just because I am never sure about postage abroad, so I apologise to my readers overseas!  However, I will happily post the angel abroad!)

A big thank you in advance if you have a look and find something to bid on - I will be pleased with the space in my house, and Crisis will be no doubt be pleased grateful for any money they receive. 


PS I am also selling a bit of designer bling on there for someone else, just in case you're into that kind of thing!


  1. Hi Alix, such a good cause, will definitely have a look. BW. xx

  2. I know here in Canada the Salvation Army does alot of work with the homeless in our rural area. And even if they don't they would know who does. Hope that helps. Linda S. from Canada

  3. Good for you & I'm popping straight over.
    I always feel awful when I get phone calls from Charities but try to explain that I already suport three charities with a direct debit AND work in a Charity shop !

  4. what a really good idea for supporting charities at Chritmas- I've often done listings for Brooke Hospital and I think its really good that eBay helps with the fees.

  5. Well done Alix, a worthy cause and a situation any of us could find ourselves in! I am going up to London at Xmas to do voluntary work as a podiatrist in the centres. I have done it before, it's a good way of giving something back and it's great fun and a brilliant community spirit.
    Very best wishes

  6. What a great idea! Well done for thinking about others, lovely lovely thought

  7. Hi Alix I am going over right now to have a are lovely xx
    big hugs
    sophie x

  8. That is a very kind thing to do! We have a local homeless charity in Kent called Catching Lives ( which covers in and around Canterbury - there may well be one in your area?

    Pomona x