Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Sticky Problem

Yesterday was my day off.

It's been a bit manic round here, what with teaching last week and this (plus part of next week and the one after), The Maltings Market on Saturday and a Big Sunday Lunch to meet the eldest Miss U-t-B's boyfriend's Mum and her partner, and having my wisdom tooth out thrown in just for good measure (which was a big deal for someone who has never had any major dental work done before...)

So yesterday was a welcome change in pace.  

I was going to a friend's for lunch, but had the morning free and decided to get out wooden pegs, paper, paints and glue and have a go at the peg dolls I posted on here last Wednesday.

The papers were some left overs from some previous scrap booking project - I had meant to try to find some old music or script type papers but hadn't managed to get to our local craft shop to see if they had any, so just went with these for their festive design and colouring. (Oops!  I'm slipping almost permanently into getting-ready-for-you-know-what mode!)

Here are the results...

Six little ladies... reds and blues...

..leaning somewhat drunkenly on the tops of jugs and tumblers...

My glue and some of the papers didn't seem to be very compatible, and so it all took far more time than it should have due to having to apply pressure to the parts being joined.  I was also surprised at how difficult it was to pleat the paper to create the skirts!  Maybe thinner paper, such as wrapping paper, would be easier to work with on both the pleating and the glueing fronts.

I have six more pegs with faces painted and therefore ready to dress, so if I can dash into town after school tomorrow, I will see if I can find some nice wrapping paper to experiment with.  And I'll get some different glue in the hope that it will have more gumption in the stickiness department than the tube I was using today!


  1. Hi Alix,
    They look really good and the paper choice is lovely for Christmas, (can't get away from it!)thinner paper probably would be easier but maybe not as nice.
    Have a good day,
    Andrea x

  2. They look very good. Also a good idea to peg onto glasses.
    I have some of those pegs at home now, maybe I'll have a go at making.

    Hope that you have had your tooth done!

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Lovely little peg dolls, you're on a roll. To be honest I don't know how you find time to fit all your blogging around your teaching commitments

  4. Gorgeous little ladies - although they do look slightly sozzled, maybe one egg-nog or mulled wine too many!?

    Jem xXx

  5. Sweet little peg dolls - they'd look gorgeous with old sheet music too. Love their cute little faces!

    ps 'ugh' to wisdom tooth extraction, not much fun :o(

  6. Those little ladies are lovely! I used to love making peg dolls when I was little as they are in miniature and I could dress them up! I've really enjoyed seeing your peg dolls as it reminded me of happy afternoons when I was little cutting and sticking. Em x