Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sew N Tell Saturday - Coming over a bit Julie Andrews...

There can't be many out there that don't recall the magnificent outfits Fraulein Maria created for her charges in The Sound of Music, all from the curtains cast aside from her bedroom (But just in case, for a reminder or a trip down Memory Lane, skip to the end of the post!)

Well, I don't have any curtains ready to revamp, but I DID have that tablecloth that I bought in a charity shop a couple of weeks back, and I did have an idea for what to do with it.  (You can see it in all its crumpled glory back here.)  

I said the idea was a bit alternative, so I hesitated in getting started.  

But the day before yesterday I was awake and unable to get back to sleep ridiculously early (3.30am - trapped nerve in neck or shoulder perhaps? - I'm fine if I'm upright but agony if I lie down for too long...) so decided to crack on!  By the time I needed to get ready for work it was almost done, and I just finished it off this morning...

Using the pattern for the little Japanese smock top...

...I made a little dress.

I used the circle at the centre of the tablecloth for the yoke and placed it for symmetry...

I cut the pattern pieces to get in lots of the pretty motifs...

There's lots that I can still use too!

I love these sleeves...

At the back, it does up with a button and loop...

The edge had a triple ric-rac finish, so I wanted to use that too.  Actually, it was going to be just a top, but to use the ric-rac and the circle at the centre, it needed to be longer - so it became a dress!

As I was making it I had my doubts, but I was so near the end that I finished it off, and upon showing it to first Miss U-t-B and then Mr (who doesn't always have much of an opinion on items of clothing)  they both liked it so I thought maybe it was okay after all.

What do you think?

I'm linking up with Justine at 'Sew Country Chick' for this, her first, 'Sew N Tell' Saturday'. Lots of lovely ideas over there to look at - if you're seeking inspiration, it's just the thing!


  1. I think it is beautiful & that you are VERY clever! Xxx

  2. Too cute for words, how clever of you.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I love that you took that old tablecloth and made something so wonderful. You are very creative:)

  4. Very vert pretty. You are so talented !

  5. Such a beautiful beautiful little dress.
    Clever lady

  6. Hi you clever lady the dress is so cute.Love Jill xx