Wednesday, 12 March 2014

It's not JUST about sewing...

I have had a bit of a one track mind, blog-wise, of late.  But I do occasionally stray from the sewing room, and have a few other things to record from time to time.  

First off though - thank you for all the kind comments about the Family Reunion dress and the sympathetic and supportive ones about THAT blouse.  A suitably disappointed email has been fired off in the direction of Butterick and Co and I will let you know if I get back a suitable response!

And thank you for the suggestions re: The Sewing Bee, but - NOT Flippin' Likely!

(I'd have a heart attack trying to do even the simplest task under time pressure, and as for the middle challenge, my ideas would not be near imaginative enough!)

Meanwhile,  these cheery chappies greet me each morning when I open the kitchen blind.  

This is the same clump, snapped last year.  Nice to see how they've multiplied!

The wall is getting more colourful by the day.

Elsewhere in the garden, the hellebores are blooming away.  It's just a shame they don't hold their heads up for us to admire them more!

Miss U-t-B and I  headed off to the cinema somewhat apprehensively last Thursday, to see 'The Book Thief'.   It's always a risk going to see the film of a book you've loved, and it's also a risk going to see a film you know will make you blub!  I was worried the pair of us might cause localized flooding, just when the rain finally seems to have abated!

Fortunately, we both loved the film.  Tears were shed and there were a few not-quite-stifled sobs from beside me (I had read the book so was able to steel myself for the hardest bits) but we did enjoy it.  I thought the two young actors (Sophie Nelisse and Nico Liersch) were perfect for the roles, as were both Emily Watson and Geoffrey Rush.  I know it hasn't had fabulous reviews, but I have seen far worse.

Remember I mentioned there was some good music on Graham Norton's show on Saturday?  Here's one I think we'll be hearing lots over the next weeks...

Take a look at this fab book I bought myself last week...

It's oozing with cute and quirky idea - I want to make soooo many of them...

How wonderful would that be as a wedding present?

In the same package came this, which I'm liking so far...

Hope life is full of good things for you too!


  1. Beautiful floral photographs.

    Interesting to read your review of The Book Thief - Hope and I are still prevaricating! I do not sob quietly :/

    Darn it, I saw the spine of The Night Rainbow in a charity shop today (I loved the title) but for some reason didn't pick it up and now I can't remember which shop it was in. I will have to retrace my steps. I can recommend Life After Life by Kate Atkinson - I'm just over half way through and I'm totally hooked!

    The Hoop-La book was made for you :)


  2. Such pretty blooms, isn't Mother nature glorious.
    I'm going to wait for The Book Thief to come onto the telly I think, well Sky Movies at least so I can rent it from there rather than pay silly money to a multiplex. It's my favourite book and I am a bit worried about how they handled it. The book itself made me bawl and I don't fancy locking myself in the ladies and sobbing like I did when we saw Valkyrie.

  3. So many lovely things!
    All those flowers are just sooo pretty, they have brightened my day. I'm hoping to see the book thief, i may have to take my dark glasses!
    love Jooles x x x

  4. Your flowers are beautiful!! Glad that you enjoyed your film, even if it was a bit of a tear jerker!! I look forward to seeing what you decide to make from your new book, it looks like lots of fun. xx

  5. I think I shall wait for The Book Thief to be released on dvd, I can sob by myself then in peace. You flower photos are lovely, I think I have The Hoop-la book on my wish list, I want it even more now!

  6. I love your flowers, especially the perky Daffodils!

  7. I have got the book about the embroidery hoops with some of my birthday money and its brilliant! Full of great ideas and I have already done a couple of things.

  8. Hoops & hoops of fun ! Can't wait to see your makes. I've read The Book Thief & must see the film, tissues ready. Love seeing daffs multiply year by year x

  9. 2 mins in to looking at your blog and I already suspect you may be a bad influence...find myself thinking, "oh I want to see that film" (I love the book) and "oh I would like that embroidery hoop book" and "oh that might be a good choice for book club" and "oh I do have work to do but the sun is shining and wouldn't it be nice to go outside and take some photos". But then being led astray is one of my favourite things!

    Beautiful photos, lovely blog - and thank you again for my gorgeous ATC!

    Sue at