Friday, 4 May 2012

The briefest of catch-ups!

This week I have mostly been trying, Trying, TRYING to get organised for two days at the Maltings tomorrow and Sunday.  

But I've dithered and prevaricated and procrastinated - there have been diversions and dead-ends and side-tracks... 

Oh dear - I think I need to become a proper list person.  The sort who makes a list and then refers to it, not the sort who MIGHT make a list, but then forgets to look at it.  

Anyway, I did get some things done, just not the things I thought I'd get done.

There have been baby dresses to sell...

 One in Liberty fabric, which I bought a while back, one from a slightly holey tablecloth, with floral bias hem...

...and one from vintage (rather floppy) gingham, with a removable flower...

There have been key rings...

Beach huts and cottages...

Bird houses (Version I)...

...and Version II...

(I like Version I better - often seem to do this.  make something - try to improve it - fail and wish I'd stuck with the original!)

Tonight I decided to follow Sophie's example and have some pretty flowers decorating my table tomorrow, so I went and raided the front garden, grabbed a sweet jug I got from a car boot last year and 'arranged' them.  I was rather pleased with the 'thrown together' look I achieved, and just love the colours of the various flowers I managed to find!

Have a great weekend, and if you are near Farnham and fancy a mooch, the Maltings will be well worth a visit, either for the monthly market tomorrow, or for 'Vintage' on Sunday.  And if you come along, do say hello to me!


  1. I love the idea of that baby dress made out of an old tablecloth - very enterprising. If only I knew a baby to give it to!

  2. I really wish we had a baby in the family, then all three of those gorgeous little dresses would be winging their way to Lancashire (I am greedy) Beautiful flowers, but I couldn't help but notice the vintage family photos behind the vase. If you are anything like me those will be amongst your most precious possessions.

  3. Lovely baby dresses they are gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. I also love the little tablecloth dress. Clever you. Have a good weekend, I'm sure you'll sell all your goodies. I love both birdhouse versions for what it's worth. Love Katie x

  5. Pretty flowers and my those baby dresses are cute!
    Good luck with the market....although i don't think you'll need it :o)
    love jooles x

  6. The little dresses are too sweet for words!

  7. I love it all, shame I cannot visit the Maltings- good luck anyway.Hxx

  8. Delightful little dresses areas all your pieces for the market - hope all went well.
    I love thrown together flowers - so natural & pretty x

  9. Those little dresses are DARLING! Love the little key rings too. The flowers are beautiful, how lovely that these were in your front garden.


  10. Those dresses are just beautiful.
    And your keyrings are just lovely.
    Have a lovely (sunny) weekend