Monday, 30 April 2012

Some ingredients for a wonderful wedding

This is not an exhaustive list, because I was rather more intent on having a nice time than remembering to take photos as it went along.  The Prosecco (not pictured, but being tipped into my glass on a regular basis) may also have a little to do with it...

*A beautiful and historic church...

All Saints and St James the Great, otherwise known as 'The Minster of the Moors'...

Complete with gargoyles, ancient and modern...

This chap was actually in the choir singing for the wedding!

* Vintage transport...

*A stunning setting for the reception...

The bride's family home, set amidst rolling hills...

Gamboling lambs in the field next to the garden...

Steps leading from the marquee up to the house...

*A stunning, bunting-bedecked  marquee...

*Sweet floral arrangements...

*The sound of music (actually, 'The Sound of Music')...

*The garden pond as a feature within the marquee!
(A bottle of champagne had been put aside for the first person to fall in!)

*Good company (everyone was captured on a Fuji 'Instax' camera by one of the guests, to make a lovely memento for the happy couple)...

*Smart young men (groom on the right, best man on left and one of the U-t-B clan in the middle)...

*And, of course, a very happy and lovely couple...

We had the loveliest of times - it really was a fabulous wedding!  The families had both put in a lot of hard work, so there were lots of personal touches that made it very special. I hope they are all enjoying a well-deserved rest now!


  1. I love a good wedding and that one looks to have been just perfect. Lovely pictures which i enjoyed seeing.

  2. Wow that is some wedding. I love the way they have decked out the marquee, it all looks wonderful.

  3. Looks like you had a great time. Love the old fashioned bus - a lovely addition.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Totally gorgeous. I think I might just have to have tripped in to that pond...! My niece is getting married this time next year ...

  5. oh my goodness that is beautiful, the pond in the Marquee!! how original!, so...did anyone fall in??

  6. The wedding looks just perfect! Did anyone fall in the pond?!! xx

  7. All looks lovely Love Jill xx

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous setting - and Prosecco makes everything even better, am a big fan!

  9. Looks gorgeous, I think personal touches make all the difference. The bride (is that you?) looks stunning.Rx

  10. What a lovely wedding ... especially love the bus and the marquee. Have a lovely day xxx

  11. What a beautiful wedding, the vintage bus is a lovely idea.
    Love the pond! did anyone receive the champagne???
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  12. What a wonderful venue for a beautiful wedding.
    Hope the happy couple have a long married life filled with love and laughter.
    Carol xx

  13. Beautiful wedding, gorgeous couple. I wish them both a very happy and long marriage together.