Friday, 27 April 2012

Slipping off the radar...

Oh dear...I seem to have lost my blogging mojo! Worse than not posting, I haven't even been finding time to visit all the great blogs I usually read - and I feel bad about not keeping up with what everyone's up to, and commenting.  Sorry.  I hope to get back into my stride very soon!

So, a whistle stop tour of the camera reveals that over the past week and a bit I have been:

a) using some of the faded fabric from the car boot sale... the basis for some different-to-my-usual rag dolls...

There's actually a second one, with blond hair, but I failed to take her photo. (Actually, she's not turned out quite right either - that's probably why.)

These are meant to be toddler friendly, as they don't have yarn for hair, and the features are all embroidered on.

I am rather keen on the skinny arms and legs, and discovered this wonderful tool...

...which made them possible - I'd never have had the patience for stuffing such thin extremities otherwise!

Mainly, Mr U-t-B and I have been doing our very own version of 'Ground Force'.

He's been starring as Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh rolled into one, but with less horticultural knowledge and not so much hair, and I have been doing a Charlie Dimmock, but with the benefit of a bit of support in the chest area, and, again, less hair.
We have been trying to turn the garden-across-the-road (that of the eldest Miss U-t-B, her beloved and their soon-to-be-born 'bump') into somewhere nice to be.  This is it before we got started.

A small and scabby patio, peeling paintwork, a sage plant, some mint, two olive trees, a conifer and a compost bin. 

A soon-to-be ex-shed (given the current blowy conditions, it's not likely to last long!) at the end of the garden.

Broken down fencing (not really belonging to us, but with all the flats next door let out and landlords who won't maintain their properties, we decided to get on and replace it).

Anyway, now it looks more like this...

A good sized deck (paintwork to be embarked upon soon!) and new fence panels.

Compost bin, olive trees and conifer re-sited down the garden.

Some more herbs, hebes, heuchera, bergenia and daffodils to create a border.

It's a work in progress, mostly done in between the torrential downpours and hail, but we're pleased so far!  The tumbling-down shed at the end needs sorting too, but that will be once the weather settles, as it is full of 'stuff' which wouldn't appreciate being left out whilst we try to create something a bit more attractive.
We'd like to do 'Mark II' of our own...

...but we'll see!

And we've also done a little bit of baby-sitting, with a now-walking Sophia.

Oh, and I finished the 40s style dress for the Vintage Fair next weekend.  I even put it on and got Mr U-t-B to take a photo...

Shame he missed my head!

(Actually, I cropped it out!  I was talking, as I always do when I have my photo taken.  Well, either that or eating. And neither are a good look!)

 Tomorrow we are off to Yorkshire for a wedding!
And we're staying in a nice-looking hotel, so expect photos next time I get round to posting.


  1. Lovely dolly and bed.
    Youe vintage dress is lovely too.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. A lovely catch up post Alix. Youve done a super job in the garden. I need to take a leaf out of your book (excuse the pun!)
    Your dress turned out really great, well done you. Love Katie xx

  3. What a brilliant job you have done in the garden, the patio area has been completely transformed. I can see it now all painted up with a few tubs and a nice little table with chairs to enjoy the summer sun. HA! did I say summer sun.

    Love the dress it looks very smart, you have obviously gone to a lot of trouble for the fair.

  4. Nice catch up post, love the bit about Ground force!

  5. What a good job you have done in the garden, and the rag doll is very sweet, love the patchwork cover. Hope you can enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Wow what a lucky lucky Miss U-t-B, you have done a marvellous job in the garden. The dress is lovely. AND Sophie - isn't she gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend - hope the sun shines for the wedding xx

  7. I love the doll and her gorgeous patchwork quilt too! We have also begun a garden makeover of sorts, in between the hail and rain - posted about it yesterday! You've done a really good job so far, it takes such a long time and effort to do these things doesn't it? But it will be worth it in the end! Have a lovely weekend, Jenny x

  8. Lovely post. We all lose our Blogging MoJo at times. I feel awful when I don't visit my pals when they have been to me but I get terrible neck ache when at the computer too long.

    How lovely of you to d the garden make over which is looking brilliant. Lets hope the sun comes out over that super decking.

    What an adorable Rag doll. I love her skinny legs ! I find tweesers the most useful of tools !
    Enjoy the wedding & the fair - you dress is perfect xx