Monday, 9 April 2012

Skiing Faux Pas

So here we are in the mountains!  

I'm sorry I missed out on wishing everyone a Happy Easter, but I was so busy do the mad spring cleaning that MUST be done prior to heading off for the airport on Sunday morning, that I ran out of time to put something seasonal up.  Hope your Easter was filled with joy!

Miss U-t-B and I were picked up from Geneva Airport by Mr U-t-B, who has already been here a few days with his brother-in-law and partner-in-crime,  -sarcasm and -joshing, Harry.  As soon as we got up the mountain, Mr U-t-B dispatched the young lady and myself off to our friendly ski rental shop in search of boots and skis for her, whilst he nobly carried all our bags to the apartment.

Irene, who owns the shop, enquired whether I would be needing anything, to which I answered that I had a new pair of skis this year, which Mr U-t-B hopes will revolutionise my skiing technique and turn me into some middle-aged Chemmy Alcott ski-alike...

Irene said, 'Oh lovely!  And what are they?'

To which I replied, 'Pretty ones,' which apparently is not the right answer!

But they are!

Once she had recovered from the giggles, she said that you always ski better with pretty skis on.  

And as it turned out, she was right - I managed to shock my dear husband with my pace and composure on the slopes today!  Mind you, I am paying for it now!  Oh those muscles!


  1. Well done, wonderful, and they are pretty.

  2. I do envy you on the ski slopes, it sounds wonderful. Only been once about 40 years ago and loved it. Hope you enjoyed your Easter.

  3. Nice skis Alix enjoy your holiday and happy easter Love Jill xx

  4. Think I may have finally managed to post a comment - hurrah, looked out of 'the window' yesterday & the snow looks good, I love your skis - they're very pretty, enjoy today xx

  5. oh such pretty skis...such a shame to wear them just for ski-ing!

  6. Glad you finally got there! I would love to ski one day, I have been to many ski resorts but as we were always gigging it was never a good idea to try it out, what would we have done if the drummer broke his arm ha ha!

  7. Haven't skied in forever, but remember the after well, decided I liked water skiing better.
    Love you skis though!

  8. Oh wow, they are pretty! Almost (but not quite) makes me want to ski!