Thursday, 12 April 2012

La Mode des Montagnes

Or why it's safe to get your 80s ski clobber out of the closet!

You know the problem - you went skiing a few times back in the 80s, when you were a carefree student or fresh to the world of employment and holidays without parents. 

Then things changed - either you or the friends you skied with got married and had children, and weeks on the pistes, with flowing gluhwein, carefully mixed tapes of music on your Walkman and enormous Moon-boots were a thing of the past.  

The ski clobber got shoved up into the attic and has lain there ever since.  
You'd like to go skiing again, and one day you will.

But perhaps you have been reluctant to book that holiday, worrying that your 'look' may not quite hit the mark.

Fear not!
For here in the 

...the truly fashionable are sporting the wild geometric patterns, clashing colours and garish onesies of the 1980s!

Retro-Rentals are based in Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets, in the French Alps, and also in Whistler.

When you dig out your gear, don't forget the accessories...

Yodel Magazine
A touch of fluorescence will add a certain 'je ne sais quoi'...

Yodel Magazine

You could go the whole hog, and re-create your favourite 80s hairstyle.  The 'Blondie' look...

(Learning to do the splits may be impressive, but is optional.)
Yodel Magazine

High ponytail and sweatband...

Or go the whole hog - you know a mullet makes sense!

This is maybe a bit OTT for the slopes, but it's good to make an effort.

So, as my own little ski break draws to an end (and the only muscles I've pulled are the ones I did when I split my sides laughing for those photos), once home I am going to store last year's new jacket, and head into the nether regions of our attic, and search out something a little more fashionable!


  1. How scary! I'm SERIOUSLY worried about the trend for 80's fashion coming back. It really didn't look good way back then so WHY oh WHY oh WHY????
    On a recent trip to Top Shop with daughter I was whisked back to the 80's in a frightening flash of fluoro and slash necks *shudders*

  2. Mullets - I'd forgotten about them - did anyone really suit them?
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. What a giggle. My borrowed ski suit for a school holiday when I was in the sixth form was somewhat subdued compared to those beauties ! I SO do not want to go back to 80s fashions !

  4. I have an 80's ski suit somewhere in my loft but if I were to dig it out I know it wouldn't fit - at all. It is turquoise all in one with a blue and white striped top half - very jazzy and so 80's. I haven't been skiing since 1991 we used to love going then but when we became a family of 5 we just couldn't afford it. Lots of happy happy memories. One particular trip to Austria we were asked to leave the dance floor of a club as when they announced the Worst Waltz we obliging got up and danced very badly only to be moved off the floor because it was the Wurst Waltz which apparently is very different. Embarassing but very very funny. Think we had had one too many black beers.

  5. Ha ha...very good! I have never been skiing although I did possess a very bright shocking pink shell suit, which looked the part!

    BTW..I will be at the Hartley Wintney fair , in Sept ,which is not that far from you,is it?