Monday, 17 June 2013

Tracks of my Years - 1971

Whoops - I've been falling behind with this.  Time to get back on track... 

1971's news

February 15th saw the switch to decimal currency.  I remember the souvenir wallet containing one of each of the new coins that each of us children received.  It's probably still around somewhere!

The Morris Marina was launched. Another of those classics?

No, I didn't think so either.

Blue Peter buried a time capsule. 

Margaret Thatcher snatched our school milk.  Can't say I was upset about this as I didn't like the warmish offering each morning break, in spite of the straws (which at home were only for special occasions...)

'The Old Grey Whistle Test' broadcast for the first time, bringing the whispering tones of Bob Harris to national recognition.

The first Reading Festival took place.

Spaghetti Junction opened.

'Crystal Tips and Alistair', 'The Generation Game', 'The Onedin Line', 'Upstairs, Downstairs' and 'The Two Ronnies' came to our TV screens.

Give us a twirl Anthea!

In the cinema you could see...

The pop chart, in retrospect, was a mix of the great and the downright awful.  The downright awful I mostly loved at the time, whilst the great have probably risen in my opinion since.   I'll let you guess which are which.

Jeepster - T-Rex

Grandad - Clive Dunn

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

You and Me and a Dog Named Boo - Lobo

Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West) - Benny Hill

Pushbike Song - The Mixtures

You've Got a Friend - James Taylor

Banks of the Ohio - Olivia Newton-John

Maggie May - Rod Stewart

if You Could Read my Mind - Gordon Lightfoot

But here's the one I loved at the time, and I still like, cheesy as it is...

This year's photo - me, a family friend called Thelma, my sister, my Mum and my brother, somewhere near Bosham.  I still have that rag doll (which my Mum made for me, several years before this photo was taken) though her hair has become green over the years.  Bizarre!  And weirdly, I also have the sailor dress I am wearing!  How did my sister and I ever do up six buckles on our shoes?

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