Sunday, 23 June 2013

Tracks of my Years - 1972

1972 was the longest year EVER.  This is not a reflection of the fact that I was in the 2nd year of juniors, with a teacher who scared the wits out of me, and therefore the year dragged slowly and scarily by, but the fact that, 
in an-already-Leap-Year, an extra 2 leap seconds were added...  

In a year sadly dominated by news associated with 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland, other news was:

Jesus Christ Superstar debuting in the West End.   (Joyfully, children all around the UK changed the lyrics to the title song and belted them out across their playgrounds...)

The school leaving age being raised to 16

TV broadcasting hour restrictions being lifted, opening the door to daytime TV and leading to disasters such as this...

The break-in at the centre of Watergate Scandal taking place

Our flexible friends, the Access credit card, being introduced

The Ford Granada being launched

Honda marketing their first car in the UK, the Civic 

The last episode of 'Bewitched' showing on American TV

'Watership Down' being published, traumatising bunny-lovers all around 

'Mastermind', 'John Craven's Newsround', 'Sale of the Century', 'Crown Court', 'Emmerdale Farm', 'Record Breakers' and 'Pebble Mill at One' showing for the first time

At the cinemas...

On the radio, hits included:

Without You - Nilson

Clair - Gilbert O'Sullivan

Popcorn - Hot Butter

Virginia Plain - Roxy Music

Rocket Man - Elton John

Sylvia's Mother - Dr Hook and the Medicine Show

I Get the Sweetest Feeling - Jackie Wilson

Ain't No Sunshine - Michael Jackson

Puppy Love - Donny Osmond

And though that last was my oft-played favourite back then, and it's tempting to put a clip here to remind me how swoon-worthy I thought Donny Osmond was, this has to be the one to get the video spot...

I love the fact that when asked what 'American Pie' meant, Don McLean answered, 'It means I never have to work again...'

In a year that was seemingly dominated by us children taking over control of the Instamatic camera, and therefore mostly terrible photos , here's a classic example...

Me, off to Brownies' Fancy Dress party, brother doing monkey impression behind me.


  1. Ahhhh, 1972, I remember it well....

    Reading Jackie Magazine, listening to Radio Luxembourg, and, although I did have a copy of Puppy Love, David Cassidy was my favourite!

    Please keep writing these post, I love them!


  2. aah Bewitched happy memories.

    I can remember my brother setting up all kind of funny photos with mum's camera - It must have cost her a fortune !

  3. I was definitely a Donny fan! I remember doing 'Music and Movement' at school to Popcorn, and also running around the playground singing the 'alternative' lyrics to J.C.S. (although to be honest as far as I knew they were the proper words!) There was also a kids show in which a lovely lady called Aysha (?) sang songs - any idea what it was called? Great memories x Jane

  4. The year I started secondary school ... And was constantly sung at! Clair being the song in question (and the real spelling of my name but I don't think it looks finished).

    I love these posts, and by the way, I was David Cassidy's no 1 fan!

    Love Claire xx

  5. Wow, memory lane! You've reminded me that I want to get the music for Jesus Christ Superstar. Your brother looks as though he's doing a Mick Jagger impersonation ;)

  6. I used to LOVE Bewitched! I was more of a David Cassidy fan than a Donny fan - and Donny does seem to be aging rather too well (there's either an aging portrait in his attic or there's been a bit of plastic surgery going on).

    Love Don McLean's comment!