Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Woo-hoo! Birthday Finish!

Today it is exactly a year since Mr U-t-B's clever daughter produced this lovely little man...

He has, since, done that baby thing of growing at an enormous rate and getting cleverer day by day.  He's rarely still long enough to take a decent photo, but he's a trendy little chap, with the most enormous eyes and a gorgeous smile.

I had an idea for his first birthday present w-a-a-a-a-y back, and even gave a sneak preview of the 'feasibility study/mock-up/prototype' early in 2013, when I was starting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING new, but feasibility studies, mock-ups and prototypes were permissible.  Ahem!

Sixteen-patch blocks...

Sailing boat blocks...

And embroidered blocks were my idea...

Anyway, the 'absolutely nothing new' idea has long floated beneath the Bridge of Abandoned Resolutions, but at least this is one project that has, most definitely, been finished...

Last week the sun shone long enough for me to take it outside for a few shots...

Emboldened by Gill's advice - do pop over and see her 'Bella's Quilt'which will make you squeal with delight! - I used my machine to quilt, in wavy lines.  I could use a little more practice with machine quilting, but overall it's okay, I think!

I still love the 'Sarah Jane - Out to Sea' fabrics I used, even if rather a lot of beheading went on in the creation of the blocks...

The embroidered blocks took a while, but they were worth the effort.

I used mostly chain stitch, in single or double lines.

I did have a big GRRRRRRR! moment when I washed the embroidered blocks to get rid of the soluble pen, and some of the red floss bled out!  I quickly rinsed and administered vinegar (which I'm led to believe stops colours bleeding)  but some damage was permanent.  I toyed with the idea of re-doing the blocks, but then thought that the marks will hopefully fade with time.  Some were embroidered round to become bubbles!

I now need to decide on a name for this quilt.  

'It's a Pirate's Life for Me'

'Piratically Perfect'
(a nod towards the bleedin' floss, and a reminder to pre-wash floss for important, washable things!)


'I'd Rather Be Bucaneerin'!'

I can't choose.
What do you think?


  1. That is really fantastic! What a lovely quilt!

  2. Oh Wow! Hope you won't mind but I have been wondering what sort of quilt I can make for my grandson........ I couldn't give him Flower Fairies now could I?
    That quilt is absolutely STUNNING!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Oh Sorry HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to the little man
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. The quilt is absolutely AMAZING! - you must be chuffed to bits with the finished result. XX

  5. FANTASTIC!! Well done! I bet you're pleased - and he'll be thrilled I'm sure. x

  6. How fabulous, what a lucky boy! I'm sure the quilt will be a family heirloom of the future, a truly amazing present and a real labour of love ...

    Love Claire xx

  7. This is such a wonderful quilt which that cute little birthday boy will have for life! Absolutely gorgeous (quilt and boy!).

    Happy Birthday to the trainee pirate :)


  8. I think it's perfect what a wonderful gift for such a precious little boy. ~ Sarah x

  9. Happy birthday to such a little cutie and Woweeeee that quilt is beyond fabulous, what a treasure it will be.
    love jooles xxx

  10. The quilt is quite something!!

  11. I absolutely love it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Brilliant and I love 'piratically Perfect'. Happy Birthday to your little man. X

  13. Wow and Wow again ! Fabulous quilt ! Happy Birthday little man x

  14. Alix it's a wonderful quilt! I love the colours, fabrics and design, and the fact you've made it so personal with the embroidered words - it's a real one-off heirloom quilt that you should be so proud of, and such a special first birthday gift!
    Thanks for the mention, and I'm so glad to have given you some inspiration to go for it - i love the wavy quilting, its worked so well.
    Gill xx