Friday, 14 September 2012

Fabric-a-licious Friday

Today I am contemplating a little project for which I need to purchase fabric.  Yay!  Any excuse to browse the finest purveyors of fabric on the internet!

However, today I did not roam widely through the retail world wide web,  getting happily stuck in a familiar rut at 'Liberty'.  I have been a Liberty fan since my teens, when the only way to see a good selection of their fabric was a trip up to London to visit the hallowed turf of what I believe to be one of the most beautiful shops in the world.  Now things are so much easier!

I began by looking at the new Liberty Lifestyle Craft fabric.  This new range has been designed for craft uses, quilting and 'all sewing projects' and the collection is called 'Bloomsbury Gardens'. At £14 a metre, I feel they are quite competitively priced. My favourites are...

Red Lytton

Blue Charles

Red Dorothy


Red Leonard

I love the names, all so evocative of a different time.  I have to admit I am ridiculously easily hooked in by names, hence in the recent decorating spree I nearly chose colours just because they were names of places I had lived (Mortlake Cream) or had associations with (Lulworth Blue, Oxford Stone) before realising that the more mundane 'Calico' and 'Bleached Ivory' (from Wickes) were actually a better match (and cheaper than F&B!)

I had also to consider some of my long-time favourites that might be suitable for the job I have in mind, from the Classic Tana Lawn range.  Under consideration are...

Red Capel

Wiltshire L


Strawberry Thief F

So what is this project? I hear you ask.

Well look what came back with me from the dump when we took our old bedroom carpet there...

Hard to imagine anyone was about to ditch it, eh?

And this picture, torn out from a 'Country living' some time ago, is the inspiration...

Which fabric would you chose?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. What a wonderful project - I'd use Red Lytton, definitely (although the others are gorgeous, I feel the case could take a much more multi-colourful fabric). How are you going to attach the fabric to the case? Spray glue?


  2. Oh yes definitely Red Lytton!
    Julie xxxxx

  3. What a fantastic find at the dump! Who could throw that out - mad!
    Like you I love the Liberty store - I remember going there when I first worked in London when I was 23, and it was like entering paradise! I can still remember how excited I felt, the feeling of being surrounded by luxury and quality, seeing all the wonderful fabrics, the gallery, and scarves, and the wonderful scent of pot pourri in the basement where i bought a small packet of Rose Pot Pourri - and fell in love with herbs and dried flowers!
    Ahem, where were we?
    Loving all those fabrics - how to choose?
    Red Lytton would look fab, as would the Strawberry Thief - to be honest you can't go wrong can you?!!It will look great whatever you choose.
    Have fun with it Alix!
    Gill xx

  4. I love Red Lytton too, but if you are talking about the interior of the suitcase I would use Red Capel to contrast with the navy blue leather.
    Love Liberty's my favourite shop.

  5. The Red Lytton is so yummy I could eat it.

  6. so....which fabric will YOU choose ?!!! What a find. I love wandering around Liberty's

  7. Red Lytton with Red Dorothy a close 2nd. How exciting to have found that wonderful treasure at the dump.
    Have fun with your new project.
    Diane M.

  8. The Red Leonard is pretty. It amazes me what some people throw away. Lucky you for managing to rescue it. M x

  9. Red Lytton will be heading into my online basket - it was what I was leaning towards anyway, and you've helped me decide. But I might have to get a bit of Dorothy and Leonard to make it orth the postage costs...

  10. Oh it has to be Red Lytton, it would be just perfect for your great suitcase. What a wonderful find (or should I say "rescue")
    Carol xx