Saturday, 8 September 2012

'Let's do the job properly'

The words (from Mr U-t-B) that filled me with horror this morning, when I was all ready for a sprint finish in the bedroom revamp race.

We'd achieved the sanded and varnished floorboards, going from this...

...through this (and a day and a half spent looking like extras from an episode of Dr Who in strange face masks)... this...

And pasted,  papered  and painted walls to (near) perfection (even if the Sanderson's paper did run out  one-and-a-half inches short of the finish!)...

We'd even put the bed back together, and were thinking about dragging the mattress off the floor in my sewing room back into position, when the dreaded words were uttered.

'Let's do the job properly.  I think I'll sort the sashes out!'

So the sash that doesn't close properly because the weight is hanging in the wrong place, needing a wooden prop to keep it closed in the depths of winter, is to be tackled, along with the one that refuses to budge at all, and whilst we're at it, the outsides of the windows will be scrapped and made good.  This thoroughness is all very well but I was so looking to finish by lunchtime today!

I know I'll be glad in the end, but when you're ready for a sprint, hearing you have to do a marathon isn't very welcome!


  1. Hahaha! I know just what you mean (I sometimes watch of 60 minute make-over and wish all jobs could be done in that time - it takes me that long to open the paint pot!) - but you know it will be worth it in the end. Your floor looks wonderful and well worth all the hard work and strange masks. I hope the (very pretty) wallpaper fell short in a place that won't be seen?!

    Looking forward to seeing the final reveal.............


  2. looks fantastic Alix - I love the floor and the wallpaper looks really pretty ( and you know he's always happiest when there's a practical problem to be solved! ) xx

  3. Alix it is looking fabulous . I love the floorboards. Can't wait for the final show.

  4. Looking good Alix ... can't wait to see the full transformation xxx

  5. It looks great! The floor looks lovely and I know what he means, if you're going to do a job do it properly but oh how it makes the job drag! Good look xxx

  6. Looks good ~ when you've finished would you like to help me do mine?
    Julie xxxxxxx