Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What's-Making-Me-Smile Wednesday

Remember this?

 ...the free-from-the-dump suitcase,

and the inspiring magazine photo...

With your help, dear bloggy friends, I chose Liberty 'Lytton' - 

though in this colourway, 'Magenta Teal'...

..rather than the 'Rich Red' I had looked at previously...

( I do still love the red!  I just wasn't in a red and blue mood when I arrived at 'The Village Haberdashery' in search of a metre of Liberty loveliness.)

I saw Monday as my last chance of doing something crafty for a while, so decided to get on with it.  It was only going to be a quick job, after all.

Several hours of fiddly cutting later, this is what had been achieved...

(I had prised off the little badge... it could be put back in place afterwards.)

Luckily the inside was still in great condition - a bit of light sponging got rid of a couple of stains.

These were the bits that caused the most grief...

All in all, for less than half a metre of fabric - so less than £7 - I'm pretty pleased with it!

Have you been watching 'The Great British Bake-Off'?  Well, needless to say it is required viewing in this household.  It does make me chuckle at times, and last night I followed a Twitter link to the website of James - he of the Fairisle tank-tops and trendily large glasses.   Though I would never condone mad drinking games, this really did make me hoot.

Let's face it, if you watched an episode and played along with the game, you'd be likely to require the ministrations of  Danny, the intensive care consultant/baker!

Hope there's lots making you smile today!


  1. oh the suitcase! Tutorial PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

  2. Lovely little case ... you are clever! Looks as though it would be very fiddly to me!

    Love, Claire xxx

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ! well done. The bake off is hilarious ( I normally get bored with it ) funny game ! A Blog comment I had about the new Dallas show mentioned a drinking game played while watching the origional Dallas where you had to have a drink everytime someone on Dallas did !

  4. Love the suitcase, and I'm like ted and bunny, I'd love a tutorial on how you did this.

  5. You are a miracle worker madam, now we all want one!

  6. That is very pretty
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. Fantastic! I'm dying to know what adhesive you used and how you got it so neat around the buckles and handle?!

  8. That is absolutely stunning. Imagine what you would have to pay for that in a vintage boutique. Superb work. I am watching the bake off too. Great fun.