Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hanging in there - from the top of a mountain

So, the mountain didn't crack open, setting loose a gazillion little green men.  

Just to set the record straight, I wasn't overcome with belief in the Mayan calendar, and it was not the mountain at Bugarach that had drawn us, but the enticing prospect of skiing for Christmas, in our favourite alpine spot.

And I'm now accessing the internet in possibly the highest launderette in the world (well, it's the highest one in this resort!) as a hoolie blows outside, sending snow spinning and spiralling all about.

We had a lovely Christmas Day, with a fine coq au vin cooked by my sister-in-law Mary, a flaming Christmas Pudding, brandy butter and custard - what more could one wish for? We played a quiz and had a game of Monopoly which I managed to win without ever having landed on anything to buy! 

I can't often get on the internet, so this is brief and photo-less, and comes with my belated wishes for all of you reading, that you had a very lovely Christmas too, and that you are now having a fantastically relaxing time after putting all the hard work behind you!


  1. And joyeuse fetes to all of you, too! Are you in France this time, or not?

  2. Glad you are still with us! Look forward to the photos! :) x