Monday, 17 December 2012

Not just me then...

Who likes polar bears, that is. 

(I do like them when they are wooden, stuffed or dancing in photos.  I don't think I'd care to meet a real one!)

Zosia has found a new playmate. Mr PB (Polar Bear) used to be 'The Bear Under the Stairs' who wrote notes on a regular basis to a newly-at-school Miss U-t-B.  He has now been re-discovered.  Seems in the intervening years he has gone off note writing.  Now he prefers to dance with his toddler friend...

Snuggle in tight when there's something scary on the television 
(Sorry Baby Jake - I think it was you!)...

Wear other people's glasses 
(Pinched from me by his pint-sized partner in crime)...

Get lots of kisses and hugs...

And when it all gets too much, climb in the pushchair and have a jolly good nap!

 Thank you for your kind comments recently, especially yesterday.

And welcome to new followers!


  1. Bless! My brother's favourite soft toy was a polar bear called Snowy. He made Mum sew on claws and a grumpy face when he got a bit older so he'd look grown up and 'scary'! x

  2. That last photo is adorable. What a soft cuddly Polar bear.

    What a lovely photo of your friend in your last post.

  3. Adorable Alix!

    Sorry have only just read yesterday's post ...
    thinking of you xxx

  4. It's so good to see Mr PB getting loved by a child again. He must be a very happy Mr PB :)