Monday, 3 December 2012

How did that happen?

I mean November turning into December?

It was a bit of a whirlwind last week what with one thing and another!  There was another family birthday, two days with little Sophia (who henceforth will probably be called by the version of her name she choses for herself, Zosia) and two days at markets.   Wish I could say that all my shopping is therefore done, but sadly, it is not!  

Isn't the old Christmas card cute?  It was in amongst a pile of old photos, one of a few I will have to share here over the next few weeks.

The birthday girl is keen to do some sewing, so a red-and-white polka dot basket was purchased and filled with things that will hopefully be useful.  I personalised the contents a little with a patchworked needle roll and matching pincushion (which I failed to take a snap of!)

I was pleased with the roll - I sandwiched red ric-rac between a pieced layer of Liberty Bloomsbury and other red and white based fabric and another of red wool felt, then machined round.  

I love the finish this gives the edge (though it does require some careful tacking in order to get a neat finish - not something I usually do!)

Plenty of room for lots of needles...

And a name stitched on the outside so no-one else can lay claim to it!

Just a short post today (I do ramble on most days, so I'll give you a break today!) as we're off on a jaunt towards the coast, in search of the big blue-and-yellow building that some call heaven and some call hell...


  1. I call it hell...... stay away, stay away..... ok then, but make it as short a visit as possible ! Love the needle case, just delightful. Jx

  2. I love the needlecase
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Gorgeous make so pretty! I need to make a new pin cushion, you have given me some inspiration here :)

    Bee happy x

  4. The needlecase is lovely, I really like the red ric-rac :)

    I hope you've made it out of IKEA by now - the exit can be very tricky to find sometimes!!