Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What's-on-my-Bookshelf-Wednesday - Biscornus et Pique-Aiguilles

Here's a lovely book I bought when I was in France in the summer...

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'Biscornus et Pique-Aiguilles' or 'Biscornus and Pincushions' 
A biscornu is a clever little thing constructed out of (usually) two squares, then oh-so carefully sewn together to arrive at this shape...

Photo courtesy of Save the Stitches by NordicNeedle where you can find some very good  looking instructions for how to create a biscornu

I had never heard of a biscornu until I started reading blogs - ah, the educational power of the internet!

Look at some of the lovelies from the book...

Two-square biscornu

They can be used for pincushions, but also as decorations (small ones dangling from a sparsely decorated Christmas tree would be lovely) and for keyrings, scissor fobs and the like.

Fifteen square biscornu

Lots of sweet charts...

Elf?  Pixie?  Who cares - I love the little peeps in the book (there are quite a few)...

Charts for large and small squares, so you can chose depending on your level of patience and how much time you have available...

I haven't yet managed to get started on any of these, mainly because I can't choose which to do!  But when I do, you know you're likely to see the results here!


  1. Lovely book.
    I started making a fifteen square biscornu once, think I will have to find it.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous. I thought of you today in the C shop. There is a rather nice stripey but shrunk looking jumper with coloured buttons ...want it ?!

  3. Catching up on all the posts I missed whilst head down sewing for fairs - never heard of Biscornus either and arent they darling?! I look forward to seeing one of these cuties here one day!
    Thanks for sharing Alix
    Gill xx