Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Oooh, er, missus (Part Two)

So, if you have been with me a VERY long time (more than two years, in fact) you will be aware of the fact that I rather like Mr Bryan Ferry, even if whenever I see him I grow more and more perplexed. (See this post to find out why.)

So I was rather excited to hear him on the radio yesterday afternoon, talking about his latest project, The Bryan Ferry Orchestra, and their just-released CD 'The Jazz Age'.

I'm not a proper jazz fan, if you know what I mean, but I love its softer offerings and this sounds right up my street.  What's more, by heading to YouTube to listen to a few snatches, I get to see the man himself!  And because I am the generous sort, I will share him with you, right here and right now!  Have something close by with which to fan yourself if it all gets too much!

(It's a good thing they intersperse the Bryan shots with all the others, eh?)

And here's another snatch of the music...

One for the Christmas list perhaps?


  1. I really like Roxy Music, I have always thought they epitomised glamour. A teacher at my school was a massive Roxy fan and dated a man the image of Bryan Ferry; she had also actually been a bunny in the local Playboy club, so of course I thought bunnies were terribly glamourous too!

    I really like the CD Bryan did covering all the old standards, that's a wonderful album.

  2. Hello there!
    Ooh Dance Away was my most favourite tune of the time..
    The album sounds wonderful and perfect to play at this time of year!!
    Bring on that all that JAZZ...
    Love Maria x

  3. I loved Roxy Music too - mainly due to a major fancying of the aforementioned Mr Ferry (sorry, I didn't realise you had already nabbed him!). Many a night I went to sleep with him crooning in my ears (I would wake up still wearing the headphones of my Walkman).

    I'm not a lover of jazz - with or without Bry's involvement, but I can see where he's coming from in wanting to create it. I'll stick to 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes', **sigh**.


  4. He is still very dishy isn't he ? Lovely speaking voice - has he ever acted ?

  5. Sounds really interesting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. I am not a fan of Jazz but with the addition of the ever elegant Mr Ferry I am sure I could cope. Plus it sounds uplifting and fun.