Monday, 5 November 2012

Fairy Houses Go Large

At first, the fairy houses were tiny - about three inches tall (fairies don't do metric...)

But then they doubled in size to six inches...

And then grew a little larger to become a ten inch  doorstop (request of Miss U-t-B, who is luckily not too old for a bit of nonsense!)...

Fairies share my love of Liberty fabric.  They insist on  Liberty or vintage fabric (ideally feedsack) for their curtains.

Then one of the fairies requested a home for her elf-friend.  I made the mistake of calling this a 'Gnome Home' but fairy and elf were most upset!  Elves and gnomes are quite different, they argued, though they did agree that elves and gnomes do share a love of flowers and gardens...

After a busy week of shoeboxes packing and wrapping, sewing, CS sorting and half-term shenanigans, I am now mostly to be found buried under a mound of curtain fabric, lining and heading tape.  It's getting a bit chilly to admire the view out of our uncurtained-since-redecorating window, even if the autumn colours are so lovely!

Welcome to new followers and thank you all for reading, and for all the lovely comments!


  1. You're fairy houses are adorable ... I want to move in :)

  2. They are just lovely! Wish I was an elf, I could set up home quite happily in one of those! :)

  3. These are lovely Alix ... love all the detail!

    Have a Happy Monday

    Claire xx

  4. These are gorgeous. Perhaps your next one should be lifesize ... I would buy one and live a fairytale life in it ... M x

  5. Beautiful, real fairytale houses, love them!

    Enjoy your week.

  6. I think these Fairy Houses are absolutely beautiful. Lovely detail.
    Carol xx

  7. These are the cutest fairy houses ever.

  8. I love these cute little houses! so pretty xx

  9. I just love these, they are sooooooooo cute! Suzy x

  10. so delightful - a childrens' play house perhaps on a frame like a wigwam ?
    I love the idea of a doorstop one

  11. These are so sweet and I LOVE the idea of one as a doorstop!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. These are exquisite and so beautifully done. I have just discovered your blog - lovely, lovely posts (love your banner) ... am now working my way through some happy reading.