Thursday, 1 November 2012

Elf-ing mad...

In the frozen depths of the Arctic forest, elves have been gathering...

First one, then a second...

Soon a small throng of cheery souls...

...gathered to discuss plans for the busy times ahead. (They have been a-working all year, but with the beginning of the eleventh month (which is actually the START of the elven year - so last night was the equivalent of New Year's Eve for them (you might be able to tell from some of their faces!)) the real dash for the finish line is on...)

Did you know that instead of Facebook, elves proclaim their 'Status' through their hoods? (Yes, I know they look like hats, but elves prefer the term 'hood'.)

A single fold in the hat means 'In a relationship'.  Sometimes they fold to the left, sometimes to the right, and occasionally backwards.  I won't go into the significance of this...)  

Twice folded means 'Married', whilst aloft means 'Available and looking for love'.  

Elves, as I'm sure you are aware, live in cosy toadstools...

Their normally chose to wear hoods to complement the colour of their (somewhat sparse, but please don't mention this, for 'tis a sore subject) but the more fashion-conscious sometimes buck the trend with contrasting scarves.

Bells are essential...

I've been having such fun with these!  Thanks to the pinner who first pinned Kaniko's picture which was my inspiration...

Kaniko on Etsy

I just need some jute twine so they can become hanging decorations in readiness for Saturday at The Maltings.  Back with a how-to very soon!

My busy days are nearly over (phew!) and so I'm looking forward to getting back to some proper blogging, including, most importantly, time to read and comment on those of others...


  1. These are just Fab! Real sweeties! :)

  2. They are adorable and I love their story too :)

  3. Fabulous. I am so glad you let us in on Elf etiquette I wouldn't like to offend them at this time of year, no pressies for us! You are clever.

  4. Well thank you for telling me about the hats .... I didn't know !
    ( but it all makes perfect sense when you think about it ! )
    They are cute ....but don't tell them !

  5. Found your blog through BadPenny! Your makes are amazing! I am your newest follower! Seriously impressed! jenx

  6. Alix, I absolutely adore elves in every shape and size, hoods or no hoods. Thank you for this.
    Patricia x

  7. Oh you made me giggle this morning! such cuties in their 'hoods' !!
    wishing you a happy weekend
    love jooles x

  8. Fun fun fun!! Love the hood language too.

    Hope it's a sell-out at The Maltings!


  9. Oh !! they are just perfect little men xxx

  10. Brilliant! Fabulous little characters.
    Carol xx