Thursday, 20 February 2014

A little bit of this and that...

The Happy Little Stitchery had its first stitchers on Saturday, and they seemed to have a happy time!

In the morning I got into the swing of things with a select group of two, one of whom I had met at The Maltings Market, along with her friend.  I taught them a bit of simple embroidery so that they could either take home an embroidered hoop picture or a needlecase.  

It was good see which stitches different stitchers found easier and which they found harder, especially as I was having a group of six in the afternoon, and it allowed me to slightly alter the order in which I taught the stitches.

I did, of course, forget to get my camera out until the very end of the day, when two of my afternoon stitchers had already left, but at least I did remember in the end!

And here's some of the work produced!  I have already had two of my friends pop by for a little help getting started on their next, independent projects - one to get a water-soluble line drawn on her fabric (the local shop had run out of pens) and one for a suggestion of what to do next!  

Next came a bit of bunny making.  The sleeves from a beautifully soft but somewhat shrunken cashmere jumper, four 'Sarah Moore Home' bunny outlines, a bit of sewing, snipping and stuffing (plus a wee bit of embroidery, but that doesn't fit my alliterative theme)...

Et voila!
Spring bunnies..

Next, I decided to have a go at designing my own simple patchwork block.  I wanted something fairly straightforward that would be good for teaching to those who want to learn to use a sewing machine.  I used some scrap-booking papers and fiddled around till I got what I wanted...

Then selected some scraps of (mostly) vintage fabric and stitched away...

A bit of further embellishment and this is what I had...

Although it was originally intended as a cushion cover, I found an empty frame, not quite the right size, but rather like this framed!  Another one for my somewhat over-burdened walls!

Today I had an exciting little package in the post.  My Mum had this book when I was a child and I used to try hard to learn stitches from it.  

The one I could NEVER make work was the French Knot.  Try as I might, it always disappeared!  And so it would still be, were it not for the wonders of stitch demonstrations on YouTube!  I think YouTube justifies its presence in the world simply on account of being the place where I finally found out how to  get these little devils to work!  

I am pleased to say that all my stitchers on Saturday mastered No. 21!

Last night, me, Miss U-t-B and her cousin (who is staying with us this half-term week)  went to see 'Cuban Fury'.  It was a great laugh and I came away with the salsa beat so firmly embedded in my head, feet and hips that I had to have a cocoa to calm down before bed!  If you like a bit of fun (and don't mind a bit of fruity language!) do go and see it!

Lastly, I just finished reading this...

A sweet book, I really enjoyed it!


  1. Well done with your classes!! I hope that you continue to do lots more and that they go really well for you. Your bunnies are lovely!! xx

  2. Oh I love those bunnies! They're lovely.
    I also love your patchwork block, it worked really well. I have a pile of blocks I've made, all ready to start doing something with, but it's daunting.

  3. I have tried all my life (it seems like) to master the French knot and have never been able to do it, so off to YouTube I will go.

  4. Your new stitchers produced lovely work - I bet they were really pleased. I love the patchwork - very simple, but really effective. I read The secret life of bees' last year and I know I really liked it, but I can't remember the story now! Might have to read it again. X

  5. I wish I lived near enough to pop by. Looks like you made some lovely things.

  6. Very sweet bunnies and I love the patchwork block. We went to see Cuban Fury last weekend when Little Bird had a sleepover at a friend's. It was very funny. Even OH quite enjoyed it although don't tell anyone I said that!

  7. The bunnies look sooooo soft. Love the wavy bunting over your beach hut. The Secret life of Bees is one of my favourite books & the one chosen for book, dinner, film of the book with friends last year.
    Well done for taking your first sewing class - I'm really impressed all round x

  8. Looks like your stitchery classes have got off to a great start! Well Done Alix! The ladies must feel chuffed to go home with something they can use, and the little SM bunnies are so cute!
    Loving your beach hut patchwork picture, looks perfect framed.
    Happy stitching!
    Gill xx

  9. You look like you had a great time, how lucky they are to have you as their teacher! I also simply loved the little Liberty needlecase, the ric rac was such a cute touch.